Sunday, October 31, 2010

There's a First for Everything

Today was Lydia's first Halloween.  It was also the first Halloween that Brian and I shut off all the outside lights and pretended like we weren't home.  It didn't start out like that, with us all old and crotchety and holed up in our den (which is also the living room, family room, dining room, and front room.  I just used the word 'den' because it sounded more, you know, dennish).  It actually started out with us walking our tall, blonde, Oregon State cheerleader around to meet the neighbors.  We took her home when she started to get a little chilly.  We gave her candy and asked her to pose for our cameras, but she gave us the cold shoulder. 

Typical cheerleader behavior.
She wanted to go to bed early tonight because church just really takes it out of her.  Missing that morning beauty rest is not awesome, she tells me in not so many words.  So I put her down, sound asleep, and rag doll-esque about 6:30. 

And that's when the goblins and ghosties came out in numbers.  This is how it would go:  There would be a loud knock (or the doorbell would ring repeatedly because of one particularly naughty button-pushing little fairy who, apparently, couldn't read my big orange 'please knock' sign), which would set the dog to barking, and then the kids would yell "Trick or treat!"  And then the baby would wake up, screaming as if to say "Why does this keep happening?!"  And, just like missing that morning nap, it was not awesome. 

I would have just stopped giving out candy, but I had a huge bowl of it with even more in the pantry.  I was desperate to get rid of it.

I started noticing Brian getting agitated; i.e. he would walk around aimlessly and sigh heavily every once in a while.  I asked him if he was okay.  "Are you stressed about the week coming up?" I asked.  "A little,"  he said.  A few moments passed.  Then he said, "Actually, the thing that's stressing me out the most right now is that the baby keeps getting woken up by trick or treaters.  I feel really bad for her." 

And my little heart went out to him. 

So we shut off all the lights and acted like we weren't home.  But we so were.   And we sat on the couch watching football with an enormous, enormous bowl of candy all to ourselves. 

Happy Halloween. 


Leslie said...

I love it! You aren't old and crotchety...just parents who want their baby to sleep!
I have done that in the past as well. We just put the bowl of candy on the porch and really didn't care if the next 3 kids took it all. I never buy chocolate just for that reason. I will eat it all if there are any leftovers. We had a lot leftover this year so I gave it all away to the last 3 kids. It was raining and cold so we didn't have too many.
Glad you had a nice cozy Halloween!

heather said...

Seriously our first Halloween we were like "freaking kids go home." Great talk for new parents I'm sure. From the back she made one adorable little cheerleader.

Jocelyn Pehrson said...

Sounds like something me an Cody would do...Luckily we live in a duplex and the Landlord took off the doorbell.HEEE HEE HEE! And Lydia is Adorable even from behind.

Liv said...

Saturday AND Sunday Kev and I hid from trick or treaters. I didnt' buy candy and I also didn't want to deal with the dog barking, although Aspen can sleep through a train wreck.

Martha Lee said...

We did not get a single trick or treater. Our street is not the ideal place for it and we have a long stairs up the hill to get to our door. We got rid of our candy at the church trunk or treat just keeping a little just in case someone ventured our way.
Lydia is a cutie!!

Nana Lorene said...

Brenda let me know you had a new post. I got to read a couple. Just can't believe Lydia is 9 mo. old. Love the picture of her by the mirror smiling! I would agree that motherhood has been VERY good to you because of how you've put your heart into it. I also love the picture of Lydia in her "costume". Apples today? You are a good example to me of enjoying and preserving food.

Jessica and Reecey said...

Seriously, this was our exact thought this Halloween. But we were at my parents house, which has a freaking symphony instead of a simple doorbell ring, so my poor, terrified child didn't go to sleep until almost midnight. I think she might be scarred for life.

tom + lisa said...

SUCH a cute cheerleader, that little one of yours. We'll let it slide that she's rooting for the black and orange. :)

go ducks!

Lloyd said...

What's wrong with old and crotchety?

Kjersti said...

"Typical Cheerleader behavior." I love it! She is SO cute and I can't believe how big she is!
Thinking about it, Jay and I haven't been home for trick or treating since we had kids. We always head out for trick or treating and then to the in-laws and hang out there!

Always smiling said...

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Happy times when babies are still babies..
Hugs Chris x