Friday, October 29, 2010

Did I Hear A Niner In There?

Hey there.  Remember when I looked like this?

Me neither.  Boy.  What a whopper.  That shirt is like, "Must...hold...on!!" 

It feels like that was a lifetime ago.  And indeed it was.  A nine-month-long lifetime.   I was reflecting today on how my limited experience with motherhood has changed me, and  I was pleased to conclude that I am not the worse for wear.

I'm more responsible. (Except for one vehicular homicide.  Sorry, cat.)

I'm more organized,

I'm more disciplined.

I'm more empathetic. (I felt super bad about killng you, cat.)

I'm more neat and tidy.

I'm more spiritual.

I'm just...more.   More than I was nine months ago, that's for certain.   Things that used to be of great importance to me have fallen by the wayside; Dave Matthews Band, for example.  Things that never used to cross my mind have become front and center in my conciousness;  the price and durability of any number of baby items, top of stairs baby gates, food storage, a high quality kitchen table and chairs that will become the stage for many family meals to come.  Sleep.

But perhaps most importantly, there is this other.  This small person.  This child.  This nine month old.

And I'll tell you what the very best part of it all is:

I think she likes me.


Tanya said...

someday i am going to meet that new little person in your life. ok did you really drive over that ginormous cat you used to have? i really need to hear that story.

The Changs said...

Golly, that is a cute girl and a cute post!

Leslie said...

How could she NOT like you?! She is a doll and so are you. What a sweet post. Motherhood truly does change us!

Sally said...

I feel that more feeling too!

Anonymous said...

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