Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Happiness? Why Yes, I'll Take Some

I want to explore my thoughts on a certain couple of words that I read last night, and figured my blog was as good a place as any to do it.

The words were some that I've heard countless times before, but last night the words got me thinking.

The words were "Let your hearts rejoice."

Before I always thought this just meant I should 'be happy'.  But now I think it goes much deeper than that.  That word 'let' is what gets me.  It implies that my heart wants to rejoice, that it is my heart's inherent nature to rejoice, and that it would rejoice, if only I would let it. 

This also implies that my own rejoicing, my own heartfelt happiness, is my responsibility, not that of anyone else's. 

This is easy to say, but difficult to exercise. Like faith.  Ugh!  So hard!

So how then?  How do I/we/you let my/our/your heart(s) rejoice?

Like a kid begging for candy, my heart is begging for happiness.

Isn't yours? 


Disclaimer:  I am fascinated by the challenge that this verse of scripture presents and, like any other human, am constantly seeking ways to improve myself.  This post is in no way meant to present myself as a person in the midst of a crisis, because, thank Heaven, I am not.   However, this post IS meant to (hopefully) stimulate a conversation and a thought process in us all that will lead to (yes!) MORE happiness. 


Jocelyn Pehrson said...

You know what Abby...yes, you're right. My heart is constantly begging for happiness. Whose isn't? And sometimes I won't let it be happy. WHY is that... because I am too lazy or too weak. I personally think it takes a strong person to LET yourself be happy. I also believe there is work involved. For me that is how I am able to let my heart rejoice on occasion. If I just hope for happiness it usually doesn't come. ANd when I MAKE an effort, that's when I get it!

I love your posts.

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

I've noticed it takes much more energy to not be happy rather than to be happy, so wouldn't that mean that we ARE meant to be happy? I think so!

Kimba said...

if i'm not happy when i should be, it's usually because of something i'm focusing on. namely, the smaller bits instead of the big picture. obsessing over little details instead of what's really important.

i also think our culture can sometimes push us towards wanting perfection, and so even when things are awesome we're still thinking about the things we can improve. which is a good thing, but only in healthy doses. like i should be happy that i'm back in my pre-pregnancy size, instead of beating myself up over this bit here, and that bit there.

i think that since we ARE meant to be happy, it has to be a little hard to get there. otherwise, how would we appreciate it?

Leslie said...

One of my favorite quotes is "Happiness is not a destination, but a decision." I totally agree with that but I certainly don't live by it very often. I agree with Jocelyn that it takes a strong person to let yourself be happy.
The best thing for me is to constantly list all of the things I am grateful for. In my head, during prayers, and occasionally in a journal. When I do this I remember how many blessings I have and how happiness is based on gratitude for these blessings.
Great post Abby! THank you!

Sally said...

I enjoyed your disclaimer.

Anonymous said...

I think having dear friends to listen to and be listened by can help keep everything in perspective and help us to realize the "big picture," To love life and be reminded of all the tremendous blessings we all have. Sharing it over some great food might help :).