Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Q & A

There's this part in Zoolander where he asks, "Who am I?" while gazing into the gutter. His reflection looks back and replies, "I don't know."

I've been feeling a little Zoolander-ish lately.

Let me tell you why.

Today I drug my child to seven different grocery stores looking for Non Ultra Dawn Original Scent.

And why did I do that?

Because I'm using it to blow The Biggest Bubble Known to Man. We're talking a
small-child- swallowing, has-it's-own-weather-system, could-carry-away-a-Shih Tzu sized bubble. And Non Ultra Dawn Original Scent is a must-have ingredient in the Biggest Bubble Known to Man Recipe.

What am I blowing this bubble for?

(wait for it)

Play. Group. Yeah, that sort-of mommy sorority that I swore I would take no part in. But when I was asked to join, my pride got puffed up, I went all Greek on myself, and suddenly, play group was cool.

Another ingredient in The Biggest Bubble Known to Man recipe?


Please don't tell the other moms. They might kick me out.


Kimba said...

coolest mom ever. :)

so, you had to be ASKED to join? what the? that DOES feel sororityish! craziness! here, it's just a ward / whoever wants to show up, park group. the more the merrier. kinda how i prefer it...

i do hope you get pictures of this gigantic bubble.

Martha Lee said...

I will only chastise you if you are still going to play group when your kids are 6. (I guess I am assuming you will be having more.)

My play groups are not that involved. Just go and hang out some times we go to the park.

Kaylynn said...

I always thought glycerin worked well in making bubbles. The play groups I went to seemed to be gossiping sessions, and my kids always wanted me to play with them at play groups--kind of defeats the purpose! Have fun!

The Kilpacks said...

I want to see this giant bubble! I love play group still! A chance for me to be with other moms and not just kids all day, sign me up!

Nana said...

First, are the pansies in the picture at the top from your garden? I love them.
Oh, big bubbles and play group. That does sound fun! Being with you is always fun!

Liv said...

dude, how do you think the mommies all GOT their babies? i'm sure astroglide had a little somethin'somethin' to do with it.

Bre said...

I doubt they'll kick you out. However I have no clue what astroglide is. (So, don't take my word for it.) You are going to be the favorite mom in the group, no matter what.