Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Last night I dreamt:

1) That I was in Utah. A huge tidal wave hundreds of feet tall was travelling to Utah from the Gulf Coast. I had my baby, and was frantically trying to pack up everything I would need for her so we could make a run for it. Only, the carseat wasn't installed yet, I had never changed a diaper, didn't know how to feed her, and forgot both her blankets and her diapers. When I finally put her in her carseat, I put her in sideways.

2) That I was at a fair with my dad and my brothers and we were having a beer drinking contest. I was pregnant, as I am now, and didn't think twice about pounding a few forties with the menfolk. When a stranger walked by and said, "You shouldn't be drinking that!" I asked why not. When he informed me that I was pregnant and my baby would come out messed up, I was filled with inconsolable guilt and quit the contest. My dad finished my beer for me.

I've never had beer before, but in my dreams it tastes like maple syrup.

3) That I put my baby to sleep one night and never went back to check on her until five the next evening. I had forgotten about her. And it was a terrible feeling.

4) That I was the Duchess of Devonshire.

No wonder I wake up exhausted.


Kimba said...

So many of my dreams are based on me "forgetting" things, and the guilt that follows. Forgetting Wyatt, forgetting a new baby (that I don't have yet...and am NOT pregnant with), forgetting shoes, etc. etc. Hate it. Wake up pissed and relieved at the same time. :)

As duchess, did you wear awesome dresses? At least? :)

Nick and Stacy Stevens said...

Holy moly, I can't stop laughing. Aren't dreams the best. My dreams keep consisting of Nick leaving me because I am so crazy. Love it.

Sarah Larson said...

Don't feel to bad. When I was prego I dreamt that I was pregnant with a giraffe and I could see the hooves kicking in my stomach, then the "baby" kicked so hard that it ripped a whole in my stomach. Gottat love crazy prego dreams. And you definately gotta love when they are gone. :)

Jocelyn and Cody Pehrson said...

The last crazy dream I can remember was one where the babies hand stretched out from my stomach ( well the stomach stretched and the skin looked like a hand) and the baby held hands with me. The weirdest part was that our hands were the same size. Freaky! Talmage was born with really big hands though. Hmmm

tom + lisa said...

I've forgotten most of my crazy baby dreams, so it's good that you've got these documented for future posterity. One I do remember, was when my sister and I were preggo at the same time and I dreamt once that she was having a Samoan baby... and I was super jealous :)

heather said...

All i've got to say is welcome to the crazy club.

I had a dream once that Ryan ripped my ex boyfriends jaw off.

and yes it was gory. I could be the president of this club with all my freaky dreams.

Kristy said...

I had a dream I came home from a trip to find out that I had a baby I had forgotten about and he was dying because no one had fed him while I was away. The guilt I woke up feeling ruined my entire day. And I don't even have an excuse (eg being pregnant) for having such a crazy dream. But I always have crazy dreams so you think I'd be used to it by now. Haha!