Monday, December 7, 2009

Pregnancy Ponderings

In this edition of Pregnancy Ponderings:

-Baby Shower Bonanza
-Pardon Me, But Is That An Owl On Your Shirt?


Brian is going to be a good daddy. He signed himself up, without me even knowing about it or telling him to, to receive weekly updates via email on our pregnancy from Baby Center. Every Sunday, he hunts me down and reads every word to me, fascinated with how much our baby weighs (4 pounds), how long she is (17 inches), and that she is currently the size of a pineapple.

I find this all quite charming.

Several weeks ago, he updated some software on his telephone that would make it so every time he got an email, his phone would audibly tell him who the email was from and what the subject was. This way, he could be driving and not need to pick up his phone to know who had emailed him.

The day after he uploaded this software, we were sitting in church. We were in the back row, mind you, because the place was packed. It was a homecoming/baby blessing kind of a day. Just after a song had been sung and the place was dead silent, Brian's phone went crazy. And it was crazy loud.


Every physically able body in that chapel turned to look at us. Chairs squeaked, babies stopped crying, toddlers froze mid Cheerio chew, and the 1st counselor, who was standing at the pulpit, looked down over his glasses. You know the look. And it's never good. Brian, mortified nearly to tears, had to stand up and leave for a good twenty minutes till he had gathered his wits about him. Poor thing said it was the most embarrassing moment of his life.

Me? I thought it was hilarious. But then again, I've got a bit of an irreverent bent.

Baby Shower Bonanza

I have had some wonderful baby showers. First from my church friends, then from Brian's family, and finally, from my mom and Kim. Each was absolutely lovely. Unfortunately, I only have good photos from the last one, and I must say, Kim and my mom (and even my dad) completely outdid themselves.

My darling dad (watch me puddle up as I write this) deemed himself the D.R.O. aka the Dining Room Orderly. He was in the kitchen cooking mini quiches and spinach pastries, refilling the fruit trays, and making sure everything on the food table was just right throughout the entire shower.

I know he wanted to go fishing that day. Instead he was here, waiting for the spanakopita to come out of the oven. You are a good dad, dad. Sniffle.
Here am I with the darling hostesses, Kim and mom:

Just some of the beautiful guests (I'm telling you, this thing was quite the event):

(in this one we are admiring the gorgeous quilt my mom made for my daughter, it was displayed behind me. also note the darling sweater and bonnet on the mantle, hand knitted by Brian's mom, Lorene. better pictures of these treasures in a future post...)

From left to right: Below, the back of Susan's head, the back of Kjersti's head, the back of Katie's head. Above, Jessica, Cory holding Lola, Liz, Kim, me

L to R: babies: Ruby and Lola, Jessica, the Anderson gals, whose gift included a particularly enjoyable battery powered snot sucker, Amber, Lauren, and Kathleen, and EvonneL to R: Evonne, Kim, me, Lorene, Vicki, and Vicki's mom.L to R: Amy, Meghan, Kiaya, Shawn'a, Roz, Kami
Lastly, the decorations (photos, cookies, cupcakes, and shower theme provided by Kim; beautiful home, food, and lots of love provided by mom and dad):

Pardon Me, But Is That An Owl On Your Shirt?

Why, yes. Yes it is.


The Cori said...

I had so much fun at your shower :-) and I agree Kim and your parents are wonderful!

Kimba said...

First of all, I would have just LOVED to have been there! Holy crap, I'm gonna make Caleb read this story! Hilarious!

Sorry, Brian. But oh, man...

Second, I'm just so glad you had fun! I loved every second of it!

Chris said...

I like the owl shirt.

Kaylynn said...

What fun. I love you mom and dad, and I'm sure I would love Kim as well, I just now virtually love her.

heather said...

Why? Why would the good lord let something like that happen to your sweet husband who signed up to get those emails on his very own? Why? I guess we aren't to know all things. But man, I feel for the dude. That's brutal.

I'm glad you've had plenty of showers to get ready for this bambino. Very deserving momma you are. Very beautiful in your owl shirt i might add.

The Bauers said...

Wow I love this post! FIrst off- your story about your hubbie was the funniest thing ever- sounds like he is going to make a good daddy!!!
Your baby shower looked so much fun- loved seeing familiar faces!! You are getting so close girl