Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting Your Make On: Part Two (Neighbor Gifts)

Not sure what to give your neighbors/coworkers/kid's teachers/yoga instructors this year?

Here is a small compilation of mighty fine ideas from around the web and blogging world that I hope will give you some inspiration.

~Fabric artist Betz White posted the most amazing tutorial yesterday on this felted 3D snowflake ornament. She makes the felt herself, but of course, you could venture to the fabric store and purchase felt in nicely manageable sheets if you're running short on time.

~My friend Tanya did a great post a few days ago on a simple candy idea. The thing I love most about it? No mixing, no major mess in your kitchen. Just stick Rolos on pretzels, melt them in the oven, and while they're all nice and soft, stick a pecan on top. I'm definitely making some of these bad boys...but maybe for myself. Her site is out of this world, with amazing tutorials along the right hand side. You'll be thanking me later.

~Lion Brand Yarn has a great site for yarn crafters. If you enjoy crochet, here are two adorable ornament ideas that would work up pretty quickly. I think these could be a great little gift by themselves, or equally pretty on top of a gift.

Click here for the instructions for the icicle ornament. The site may make you set up an account to view the pattern, but shoot, it's free, and like I said, the site is great.Click here for the instructions for the snowflake ornament.

~Sewing Republic has a pretty great site with free tutorials. I just love these "Roller Coasters" (click the link and then download the free pdf file for the tutorial). The woman who came up with this funky little pattern has her own great blog, too. You can check her out at Chickpea Studio.

~The cooking site that I'm a part of, The Saltbox House Cooking Exchange, just had a post put up on these gorgeous almond balls. They look like they would be pretty easy to make, too.

~As for me? I'm giving out jams, jellies, salsas and sauces that I did this last summer and fall. But if you didn't make your own, don't worry. Here's one idea: a favorite holiday treat in our family is jalapeno jelly over cream cheese and served on crackers. You could make a little gift basket with the cheese, crackers, and jelly in it, all from the store. Or why not chips and salsa? Who doesn't love that?
Happy making...and giving!


Liv said...

Melted rolos on pretzels is a big hit in my house. SO GOOD!

Kimba said...

my cousin did something like it, but with peanut butter and chocolate. really good!

heather said...

I'm all over those rolos. Thank ya much!

Shanna said...

So cute! Great ideas!

Jill Greenfield Vanikiotis said...

I seriously love how you're always finding/creating all these new creative things to do - it gives so much inspiration to us mere mortals. :)

Jill Greenfield Vanikiotis