Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Brian,

Today when I started to cry it wasn't your fault.

I was just so hungry. And I had been looking forward to that teriyaki burger, fries, and a drink for hours.

How could you have known the debit machine at Carl's Jr. would be broken and you would have to scrape together what you had in the truck just to get me the burger?

And then, when you went back a second time because you could see there would be major problems if I didn't have fries, and I started to cry again...well, that wasn't your fault, either.

It's just that I really love you. Alot. And sometimes it makes me cry like I'm mad or something.

But I'm not.


Your Very Pregnant Wife


Me said...

currently peeing my pants. love girly emotions. can't wait to be pregnant.

C.J. and Jackie said...

Poor Brian

Kimba said...

So glad he didn't spring for caffeine free diet. :) The tears would have been never ending! :)

bridge said...

Love ya, Abs. And Brian too.

Kaylynn said...

I love this post--I hate when I'm hungry and to be pregnant on top of thet.

heather said...

Dude, i turn into a pysco hose beast when i'm hungry... pregnant of not!

Bre said...

I love your husband. Maybe when it's my turn Steve can train my Steve. Big hugs from Utah. P.S. I get sick when I eat those burgers from Carl's Jr.