Monday, July 20, 2009

Three Letters

Letter One:

Dear Abby,

I Hope you had fun on

your birthday.

I know you like me and

I hope I didn't
your birthday by looking sad but

I wasn't okay.Well I'm going to try to make this

a fun book.
I just don't know
what you would like.

word puzzles
something like that.

Maybe you want Barbie Hair.

Maybe a frog.



Or colors (greenbrownbluepinkyellow).


Letter Two:

i hope you can come to my

For Kjersti (Shedi)
Time 4:00-
Date 3-18-94

this is a slumber party
at 4:00 please bring
a swimming suit, towel
and sleeping bag.

(we're going to the bubble.

Letter 3:

Dear Abby,

HOw are yoU
I'm fiNe.
I wiss yoo coold
come. A bat flew
oveR my Head!
( We haven t seen
any mice yeT.)

Se Ya!



Cody and Jocelyn Pehrson said...

What is this!?!?!? I did old was I? That is so funny. I'm a dork. Your a dork for posting that. LOL ha ha. I know you like me and everything though, so I'll forgive you. :)

Abby said...


I know, isn't it too cute? I was going through a bunch of old letters and stuff today and I found these. I have no idea when they were, other than Kjersti's, because it's the only one that has a date. If I had to guess, I would say early '90's. Kim's is obviously older, I would say probably from 1st grade. The best part is that when you said 'Maybe Barbie Hair" you actually clipped a chunk of barbie hair off and taped it to the letter.

I love it and had to put it on the blog.

Hope you don't mind, but you sure were a cutie!

Mellanee said...

You were all so adorable, and still are!

Kjersti said...

I love these! They are so classic. I'm glad mine had the year on it, though, because I think I went to the bubble and had a sleepover for my birthday every year. Thanks for posting these, they totally made me laugh.
I especially like the "Kjersti (Shedi)" part of mine. Like I needed to make sure you knew WHICH Kjersti it was coming from.

Abby said...


I know. I also love how you
restated the time. This is a slumber party at 4:00. Like, are we going to come and slumber and swim all in that one minute and then go home? The fastest birthday party EVER! The cutest part though, and unfortunately I wasn't able to include this, but you glued a little picture of yourself inside the invitation. You have a purple sweater on with kittens all over it. And you TOTALLY have Utah bangs. It's awesome.

turleybenson said...

Letter #4

Dearest Abby.

Because of your intense disappointment, I may never do a giveaway again. I know how you feel. I hate losing.


Kimba said...

HA-LARIOUS. And I know I said this already, but I swear I was older when that bat flew in our houseboat, but clearly I was not.

Jocie, that's hilarious. "I know you like me..."

And Kjersti, this may sound strange, but I swear I don't remember a birthday party at the bubble. I may have amnesia though.