Friday, November 7, 2008

Magic Is Afoot

I know this may sound strange.

Someone has put a curse on me. Spell, whatever. Specific to my hair.

The hair never looks the way I want it to until after midnight, until after the world (and my husband) is fast asleep. Until there is no one to see it in all its glory but me.

I honestly don't know how it happens, but without fail I will go into the bathroom to get ready for bed and my hair will be perfect. It's not like it could just be perfect when I'm leaving the house in the morning. No sir, it's got to be flat in one spot or not curly in another, or my cowlick will be all crazy sticky uppy in the back et cetera. But right before I go to bed, those little vexatious conditions all magically disappear.

It's like Flora, Fauna and Merryweather come and twinkle my locks or something.

I love those little fairies.

Too bad their timing is all screwed up.

So last night, I tried to capture an image of the perfect hair by taking its picture. Sadly, magic frowns upon being captured in film. Apparently, it thinks the camera will steal its soul or something.

Needless to say, the perfect hair will have to remain a figment of your imagination, because the picture I took just made me look crazy.

And maybe just a little desperate. You try to catch some magic and see what you look like.

I tell you though, it was glorious.

I swear it was.


heather said...

My hair is always great when I don't need it to be. When there is an occasion, it craps out on me and leaves me fuming.

Crazed or not, it does look glorious.

Kimba said...

My hair has the opposite problem. My hair was look the way I want it to while I'm getting ready. It will look FABULOUS I tell you, and then I walk out the front door and POOF! Things start curling where they're not supposed to curl, uncurl where they are, and frizz right up on me. My bathroom is my haven.

(your think wants me to spell "ingunk" before I send in this comment...should I be offended?)

I hope that was the end of your spanish homework. :) 12:16. And that you're finally sleeping in today!

Kimba said...

think=thing. Your think isn't saying anything to me...I'm slightly offended, but I'll let it go.

Lloyd said...

I feel your pain!!!!! Hair can be so challenging. Personally, I am ready for a change but I just cant quite put my finger on what I should do. Any suggestions?

Abby's Dad

Abby said...

Dad, you are a silly goose. ;)

Tanya said...

it was me who put the curse on your hair...i was jealous of your lovely locks.