Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sandwich Saturday

I might be scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to say today. I lounged around like a cat and have nothing (save one load of laundry and the grocery shopping) to show for it.

When you do nothing, you have nothing to say. I did eat though, which was great. And what I ate was great, too.

Can sandwiches be a family tradition? Because if they can, this one is.

Let's call it the Kilpack Fried Egg Blue Light Special. With Cheese. And Extra Miracle Whip.

1-2 Eggs
Miracle Whip
Two slices of bread
Fry up your eggs (break the yokes and mix 'em up a little)
Throw on a piece cheese and watch it melt
Slap it on your bread with some Miracle Whip, season with pepper, and you're in business.

The sandwich business that is.

You can sing that song from Fiddler On The Roof while you eat it if you want. "TradiTION.........TRADITION!"


The Kilpacks said...

We love fried egg sandwiches at our house. Dallin is standing over my shoulder, looking at the picture and saying" That looks so good!" As he drooling down my back.

Liv said...

YUM. Looks like Sunday lunch to me.

Leslie said...

Yum. A favorite of mine as well. I like to add some ham sometimes too. Good eats.

Kjersti said...

I LOVE this sandwhich, mostly because of how tasty it is, and also because of memories of your mom making us a couple and just bringing them to us while we were playing. I haven't ever had it with cheese, though. And that's something I need to remedy soon.

Abby said...

I know, Kjersti, I totally didn't start adding cheese until after I moved up to Oregon.
And Leslie, that ham idea is awesome. I read that to Brian and he was like, "Ohhhh, that sounds goooood."
And also, sorry to do a post about a sandwich. I'm really runnin' low on ideas here.

Kimba said...

I keep telling Caleb that THIS is an egg sandwich! We were either making these, or we were eating ice cream in mugs. Or maybe those Schwan's hash brown things.

Tanya said...

that is making me hungry and i shouldn't eat right now.

Lloyd said...

I will send you a picture of a new creation that I call Grandpa's Hole in One. I gave the recipe to Kami and she swears by it. Cut a perfect hole in a slice of bread with a glass. Butter one side of the bread and place in a warm frying pan butter side down. Butter the other side up and plop an egg in the hole. Flip it over if you want over "over easy" and melt a piece of cheese on the top. A side of bacon or ham goes well, and dont forget to butter and fry the round cut out. Hash brown's with onions mixed in goes well too. This is one of the reasons I am pushing 350 lbs. these days. I wish I had time to cook when you and Chris were at home.

Abby said...

What?! Dad, you cooked for us ALL the time. Often times, you would cook us a full course breakfast before we left for school. Don't you remember how you would plan out our monthly menues?