Monday, October 10, 2011

pumpkins and simmering spice pots

My mom used to simmer spices in her old pots to make the house smell good.  I loved the aroma of the clove and cinnamon wafting through the house as the mixture bubbled away on the stove.  I had forgotten about this handy and resourceful trick until the other day when I was going through my fall candles.  Instead of burning one, I went through my spice cupboard.  Into the pot went a handful of cinnamon sticks, some star anise (smells like licorice), whole cloves, a dash of vanilla, and a few leftover apple slices from lunch.  I added a few cups of water, brought the mixture to a boil and then set it to a low simmer.  Away it happily bubbled for hours and the smell was divine!  

Here is a list of things you could throw into your own spice pot:

Fruit juices (don't throw away your expired juice!  just throw it in the pot!)
Lemon, Orange, or Lime peels
Apple slices or peels
Evergreen sprigs
Bay Leaves

Experiment with different combinations.  Just don't forget to check the pot every once in a while.  If the water or juice gets low, just put more in and keep it simmering. As with candles, please don't forget about it and leave the house with it still simmering on the stove!

Last Saturday we went to a farm near our home where we could pick our own pumpkins.  Our dear friends, the Jones,  invited us.  Their son is Lydia's best friend.

We all quite enjoyed ourselves and Lydia picked herself a perfectly petite pumpkin.  I think, though, that  I've gotten more than my money's worth out of those pink leggings and can now feel good about retiring them.

P.S. Are you proud of my photo editing skills?  I'm just learning.  I think photo editing is swell.


Carissa said...

I was showing Noble pictures last night and he kept loudly proclaiming "Lydia!" (in his own mushy way). Love these kids! Love your post! I have an urgent appointment with Pinterest coming my way . . .

Anonymous said...

I was craving the "fall" smell the other day and realized I had run out of my scentsy trying this!

Anonymous said...

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