Friday, September 24, 2010

Gushing Forth

I am always annoyed by women who blog about how wonderful and amazing their husbands are.

I don't finish reading those posts usually.

And I never comment on them. 

But I, my friend, am also a hypocrite.  A hypocrite with a story.

Last night I ate something gnarly.  Okay, it was several crackers that, unbeknownst to me, had expired December 10th of 2009.  I don't check the expiration date on things like crackers because I usually eat them before they go bad.

Anyway, there was some definite funk going on with these crackers.  Shortly after eating a few, I stood up to get a drink.  My back itched, so I scratched it.  Then my neck itched, so I scratched that.  Then my whole body was engulfed in one. big. itch.  My ears began to swell, my throat felt thick and weird, and there were hives.  Oh, were there hives!

After the initial shock wore off and I realized that I was not in fact dying, Brian and I retired for the evening. 

The baby woke up to eat at about 1:45 and I came back to bed around two, but not before going into the bathroom and giving myself a look over.  Now my lips were swollen, the hives had connected themselves to one another and were now just one giant raised and angry red rash over my entire torso, but oddly enough, the itch was going away.  When I got in bed Brian popped up off his pillow like a jack-in-the-box.

I thought he was asleep.

It scared me a little.

"Are you okay?" he asked. 

"Yes, I think I'm fine."

"I'm going to go out and buy you some Benadryl.  I can tell you need some." 

"No.  It's 2 am." 

"I'm going."  (Throwing the covers back and getting out of bed.)  "Safeway's open all night, right?"

And that's the guy I'm married too.  And I don't think I need to say any more about that.

P.S.  Don't eat crackers with funk on them.


Adam and Tara said...

I'm with you on those perfect husband posts. But, I read allll the way through yours and enjoyed it :) So much so, I'm even commenting on it... mostly because I'm impressed you continued to eat crackers with funk on them.

That last picture is such a great daddy/daughter moment.

Kimba said...

sage advice!! sorry you got thuh hives! i remember trying to go get cabe some claritin at 1 am when we first moved to albany, and safeway AND walgreens was closed. i came home empty handed.

love that last shot. i wish you all were STILL hangin' out on my couch...

Abby said...

Lol, Tara. Thanks for agreeing with me. ANNND thanks for reading all the way through my post. :)

Well, I couldn't TELL the crackers had the funk! They didn't taste weird at all! Just maybe a little stale.

Abby said...

KIM! Caleb should have written a post about you going out and doing that. Good gracious! Hunting all over town in the middle of the night. You're a keeper, sister. ;)

Eric and Lindsay said...

Oh that's so sweet! You go on and rave about that husband. That is so awesome of him. And I love that picture of the two of them. So cute.

Kaylynn said...

Since I've met Brian, I like this post. I really don't like posts where people are complaining about their husbands. Oh well!

Kimba said...

well, i didn't mean it like, look at me! more like, i'm glad to hear (and assume...) that SOMETHING is open 24 hours there now!!

Bre said...

Your post brought me to tears. That is just how I've been lately. Emotional and teary... However, I know that I shouldn't be suprised by that kind of love from my little brother. And I knew that whoever married them would be well loved and cared for. Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

I don't like gushy posts in general...and this wasn't gushy...just sweet. I'm so glad you two found each other. I also concur with the previous comments about Brian and Lydia, such a cute picture!

Steph said...

This picture is so ADORABLE. I think these are the kind of photo's I cherish the most.

Tara said...

Loved this post!!! Made me laugh! It reminded me of a time when I was pregnant and downing my saltines so quickly and I wasn't paying attention until I was about done with the sleeve and I noticed weevils crawling around on them! Yes, I ate weevils!

Camille and Paul said...

AHHH! That is sweet. I am sorry that you got hives...yikes. What were in THOSE crackers???