Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reality Check

I love to read your blogs.

Yesterday, I was reading a post by my old dancing buddy, Camille (who has a private blog, otherwise I would link her here). She was talking about a baby shower she had just attended for her friend and her little baby boy.

The baby's dad is in Iraq. He was in Iraq when his son was born, and watched the birth on Skype. He gets a short vacation in February to come home and meet his baby for the first time. Then he has to go back and he doesn't get to come home again until August.

Tearjerker? Umm, yeah.

After reading that post, I'm pretty sure I can deal with my husband going for a short business trip to Vegas after our baby is born.

And I won't complain about it, either.


Martha Lee said...

Yes, the first comment!

That is a tearjerker. I do not wish that on anyone. I also think that just because she can't say no, it does not mean that you shouldn't say no. But you can probability handle if he does go as long as every thing runs smooth.

Jon and Michelle said...

Abby, You blog is so funny. I love it!! So, you are crazy to be hand quilting, I tried it once and that was enough... needless to say someone else finished it:( Also, a couple posts ago.. about the baby sleeping in her own room thing... well Nixon slept by my side for about a month. I tried the room thing and it was SOOOOOOOO far away when it was one in the morning. After about a month I moved him into the crib and he did great and so did his parents. Don't worry though you will know what to do, that's what's so great about being a mom.

Violadiva said...

Abby - I've been lurking your blog for a while now, but I'm ready to come out in the open.

our hubbies were mission buddies.

You tried to come to our wedding in the Manti temple and ended up in Price instead.

So I'm officially following you around. And you're welcome to come lurk on our blog as well!

Both Pianoman (our internet identities) and I are looking forward to seeing that little sweetie of yours in a few more weeks!

Abby said...


Hello! Yes, I know exactly who you are. Thanks for delurking yourself! I will add your blog to my blogroll and am very excited to get updated on you and your life!

Say hello to Pianoman for Brian and me!

Madeline and Family said...

It's fun to be a lurker of yours. You always make me laugh! You know, 2 weeks after my baby was born, my husand took us with him to Vegas for one of his interviews. It was a long drive from Idaho. Sometimes, I wondered why he didn't just go without me, I guess at the time, we didn't want to be apart so, I know how you might feel about yours going away too.