Monday, November 30, 2009

The Great Christmas Tree Project

This morning I awoke
with a goal set in place

To put Christmas decor up,
and I was on the case.

Then another idea
popped into my mind.

It would require your help,
if you would be so kind.

So what was this idea
that my brain had in store?

To see all the trees
of my blog friends, I swore.

Now send me your photos,
your snapshots, your clips

Of your Christmas trees, darlings,
adorned to the tips.

(This is no competition,
of that you can be sure.

Just a time for enjoying
jolly traditions of yore.)

You have till the twentieth
of December to share

Photos of your trees.
(And I hope they won't be bare.)

Anyone can join in,
even your mom.

Now send entries to

(Belina and Brian's Christmas tree in 2005 and with quite a humble little star on top.)


Kimba said...

Not 24 hours back, and you're already rhyming! Poem-izing! :) So cute!

As soon as I get this RS crrraaaaa....schuff out of the way, we're goin' to get a tree! Woohoo!

Chris said...

Tree up and email sent. Thankyourverymuch.