Friday, September 25, 2009

Confessions of a Housewife: A Case Of The Lazies

I think I'm a lazy person.

And possibly a hermit.

Sometimes I stand at the kitchen sink in my underwear (at noon) and watch the shadow of the house creep across the grass in the backyard. I probably look like a statue, though not a statuesque one. Fragments of thoughts run through my mind. "Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Not that I mind. Should probably sweep the floor. Brian needs to eat the lunch meat. Quilt."

Sometimes I sit in bed for hours at a time (starting at 12:42). I watch my belly. Sometimes it jumps. I think things during this time, too. "She is asleep. Maybe she is sucking her thumb. I hope that she will be happy and gentle. I think I will eat another candy pumpkin."

I am not bored.

I have not washed my hair in three days.

Yesterday I omitted makeup. (People were still nice.)

I feel extremely calm. And very, very quiet.

All I do is think, watch, and make. I make thoughts, breakfast, sentences, rhymes, lunch, visions of the future, stories, clean stacks of folded laundry, baby afghans and quilts for soon to be first time grandmothers.

Oh, and this little munchkin that is my little girl. I'm making her, too.

So maybe I am busy. But I don't think it looks like it.


Steph said...

You are totally busy...growing that baby strong and healthy and it is so totally fine that you stand in the kitchen and don't sweep the floor. Take it easy cause there won't be any standing around one the little darling comes into the world.

Lloyd said...

Sweet Pea, enjoy it while you can, it will all end soon, very soon. How exciting.

I love you.


Kjersti said...

There's something very reassuring about this blog. I definitely have days that sound much like this. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

I'm right there with ya!

Cody and Jocelyn Pehrson said...

I thought for a moment that I was the only one who walked around the house in my underwear pondering all that I could be doing, but not really doing any of them. Thank you! I love this post, I feel better and can sleep better tonight knowing I'm not the only one.

heather said...

You're busy my friend, busy growing a human so enjoy basking in every moment of it while you can. It really is an amazing experience. You are amazing too and you just reaffirmed why we're friends. I sport the underwear look for far to late in the day. Haven't you noticed how many pics of my boys where they're just wearing their roos? Getting dressed for the day is overrated.

Jessica and Reecey said...

I love this post. That pretty much sums up my time at home with Lola. Maybe we are being lazy, but to me, nothing could possibly be more fulfilling.