Sunday, November 30, 2008

House Beautiful?

I love the decorating magazine House Beautiful. It's a joy to flip through the pages each month, gathering ideas to collect in the "Someday" box. However, there is also at least one thing in each issue that makes me go, "What in the..."

There is a monthly section in House Beautiful called "Colors" in which decorators are asked what paint colors they are loving at the moment and why. In October, the theme was "Colors To Make You Look Younger" And, well, wow. I don't know how to put into words my feelings about some of these colors. All I know is it would be a cold day in hell before they found their way onto my walls.

Exhibit A: Eve Green by Benjamin Moore(Note: I created this room view using the HB Paintbrush tool at There were not room views with this color featured in the magazine.)

The designer who chose this color (and whom, I am sure, is a very nice, spunky person) states, "This is the green you thought you would hate, but then you get it up on the wall and you love it. It's a sour apple green with a lot of yellow in it, a little edgy and off beat, as if it had been injected with Superman's kryptonite. I used it in my own bedroom and it makes me feel energetic. It's unexpected-like meeting a new person every time I walk in."

Now, when I look at that color I don't think 'sour apple green with a lot of yellow in it', and I certainly don't think of kryptonite. If I did think of kryptonite, it would be a sign that I should not put it on my wall.

This color, this 'Eve Green', does remind me of something though. Hmm. Ah, yes. This:

Which, incidentally, makes me want to eat one of these:

I also wouldn't want to feel like I was meeting a new person every time I walked into my bedroom. There are names for people who do, though. And they have bad reputations.
Now that I think of it, 'Eve Green' wouldn't make me feel like I was meeting someone new at all. It would make me feel, rather, that there were some dubious characters hiding under my bed or behind the door:



turleybenson said...

you funny lady.

Leslie said...

That designer was smoking something...UGGGGLYY!

You are a joy in my life Miss Abby.
You always have and always will bring a smile to my face.

Kaylynn said...

I thought you weren't going to be funny until after finals.

Lloyd said...

Speaking of meeting someone new everytime you walk into a room reminds me of what President Regan said to a friend of mine who was in the Secret Service. "One good thing about Alzheimer's is you get to make new friends every day."

Speaking of Green did you know that Bill Nye the Science Guy is now on the Green Channel? His show, I think, is called Stuff Happens.

I understand you too. Most of all, I love you.


Abby said...

Well, dad, let's hope nobody here gets Alzheimer's!

I love you, too.

Abby said...

And yes, I hear about Bill Nye's new show, but I don't think I have the green channel.
It's too bad you have to have cable to watch all the good stuff, like the freakin Utah/BYU and the Oregon/OSU games.

Dad, you should post a picture of your gorilla poop paint on here.

Kjersti said...

You are such an amazing writer! I love reading your blog! I hope that you still write often when Nablopomo is over. And I'd still love to talk about that last poem with you! Sign on when you're not too busy with Finals and such! Love you!

heather said...

It's hideous. You're whit is lovely.

heather said...

Oh and no, I didn't mean to write:

"you are whit is lovely." see a completed college education would do me good. your, you're whatever.


Mellanee said...

It's florescent gorilla poop green.
Yes, that's what it is. When gorilla's smoke crack their poo comes out florescent......and the designer is a crack smoking gorilla. Yeessss, that's the story.

Abby said...

Now, now. Let's not be too mean to the designer. She's nice and spunky, remember?
Plus, there were other designers that picked horrible, horrible colors, too.
She wasn't the only one.

Tanya said...

i am still disturbed by that color. your blog is my favorite by the way. i love coming on here and having a good read! i am always always always up for fabric depot. i have never been but i have heard of it. also we are thinking about coming down for storybook land. we were wondering if you guys would be interested. have you heard anything about when it is this year?

Mellanee said...

I must correct an omission I made in my last commment. I failed to give credit to Leslie and Dad for the CLUES to the truth about McGPgreen. And in kindness, every color has its place. In this case it would be McMustard bottle.

Love my Belina,

Abby said...

Tanya, I haven't heard about Storybook Land ever before! But I will ask around and see what the dillio is. Fabric depot...yes...I think I may be making a run soon. I have a project that needs to be done by...egad! next weekend!