Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sisters in Sisters

Back in July, my sisters Kami and Meghan came to visit me and to go to the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon. Fitting name for a place, don't you think? The Sisters Quilt Show happens on the second Saturday in July every year. People from all over the world make quilts for the show, which are hung from the rafters of every building in town.

There were literally thousands of people milling about in the streets while the quilts billowed in the breeze. Since there were so many people there, parking was at the high school about two miles south, and people took the shuttle into town. Our shuttle driver made us feel right at home, and told us that the shuttle would be going back and forth all day long. "All day long?", we asked. "Yes, ladies. All. Day. Long." Good, we thought. We've got paLENTY of time to mosey. And mosey we did, my friends. But not before snapping a quick picture on that nice little shuttle.
We saw many, many, many quilts.

The quilt Kam is looking at here was so pretty. I loved all the colors in it.This is a quilt people. That someone made. It was very impressive to see it up close. Each little piece was about an inch tall and two inches wide or less.These next ones are my top three favorites, beginning with number 3. These quilts were on display inside Beacham's Clock Shop, where the most valuable quilts were shown. Many of the quilts were pieced by hand, and many of them were antiques. My 3rd favorite quilt is a Hawaiian quilt. These quilts are extraordinary in that the main design is made by ONE piece of fabric that is cut by hand and then sewn on to the background material. So, with this quilt, imagine cutting that huge red piece out by hand and not making a single mistake. Also, you'd have to have some pretty nice Fiskars.

This one is my 2nd favorite because I adore old fashioned looking quilts. I love that buttermilk yellow. I just imagine it on some tidy little bed in a farmhouse somewhere.

This is my very favorite quilt. This quilt is amazing because no square is the same, and each one is about four inches by four inches. What's more...are you sitting down? This quilt has been done entirely by hand. Look at how tiny some of the pieces are there. Imagine the cutting, the boggles the mind. And it turned out absolutely gorgeous. I almost cried.

I had two goals for attending this quilt show: 1) Buy a 2008 Sisters Quilt Show poster to hang in my sewing room. I wanted this poster not only as a souvenir of my time there with my own sisters, but because it features a lone woman paddling out in a beautiful mountain lake to go fishing (the mountains, by the way, are called the Three Sisters). Fish are rising all around her, and the pattern they make in the water is based on a quilting pattern called the Wedding Ring. I love it. Kam bought it for me. Thanks Kam!

2) To find a pattern and materials at the famous quilt shop, The Stitchin' Post, to make my very first quilt, which would be a gift for my newest nephew, Joseph.

After looking at all the quilts and shopping for jewelry, old books, and other fun trinkets, we made our way to the quilt shop. Kam, Meg and I spent a good long time at the shop picking and choosing fabrics and patterns. The staff there was so incredibly kind and helpful. They let us stay till after closing time and offered us their help and opinions. The pattern I bought was created by the daughter of the owner of the store!!

Well, it was getting late and Kam and Meg decided to go make sure the shuttle would wait for us while the helpful staff was cutting my fabric. A few minutes later they returned. They looked concerned. "The shuttle is gone." "Gone?" "Gone." ... "But the guy said-" "He lied."


Stranded. At The Stitchin' Post.

Here's a bit of useful information. If you ever find yourself having a conversation like this in a closed quilt shop in the middle of nowhere, some wonderfully kind grandmotherly lady will overhear you and offer you a ride to your car two miles out of town. And in the car, she'll ask if you're all single, because she's got a darling grandson.

Here is the quilt I made for Joey with the pattern and fabrics I bought at the Stitchin' Post. With the help of my sisters in Sisters.

And here's one for the road.

Those are totally owls on my sweater.


Kimba said...

The quilt you made is gorgeous! Love it! I'm sure it will keep him nice and toasty during the frigid NY winters. :) You're very talented, as always! I can't IMAGINE having the patience for quilting, the cutting and sewing and such, so I admire you.

And I can't wait to see you next week. So. There's that too. :)

heather said...

That quilt you made is so freaking cute. I love that it isn't like any that I've ever seen. (Do note I am not real big on the quilting scene...yet) My mother-in-law went up to Sisters with her friend! How funny. I'm going to have to show her this post so she can reminisce. Can you come to Ut or me to you and have a sewing day with me? please? don't make me beg.

OK i'm begging.

heather said...

Wait, I just read Kims comment. NY winters? what?

Tanya said...

oh my gosh i want to go next year! your quilt is darling! way to go! you are a sewing queen!

Liv said...

Beautiful quilt!

The one time I tied a quilt in YW I hated every second of it. And then the YW gave ME the quilt. I worked on my own charity project. And I still have it 12 years later. It's more like a flannel blanket now though. ha.

tom, lisa, jack, and lucy said...

That is the sweetest little quilt! What a great gift. Have you ever been to the Springville Museum of Art's quilt show? (Isn't that where you're from?-- I thought I remembered hearing that.) I worked there for years and that was always one of my favorite shows of the year... it absolutely boggles my mind how people can create such amazing quilts. And you're right, the hand-quilted ones are especially unreal!!

mikekaylynn said...

Cute, Cute, Cute. Martha will love it! I've always wanted to quilt, and I've made a couple, but not as cute.

Kaylynn (Joseph's not so talented other Aunt)

Abby said...

Heather, Kim was talking about my nephew who lives in NY state. Not me...I'm stayin here...on the sponge...;(
I would LOVE to have sewing day with you!!! With ANY of you!
I have to give Tanya a lot of credit. She saw me use my sewing machine for the first time. Haha

Abby said...

Nope I haven't been to the Springville show, but I would love to catch it if I'm ever in Utah at the right time. I was actually born and raised in Bountiful, where I lived until Brian and I moved up here!

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

I really like the quilt that you made for your darling nephew! The colors, the pattern, everthing! You did a BEAUTIFUL job.
I would love to work on another quilt with you! In fact, are you going to be in Bountiful for Christmas? If you want to, we could make the quilt tops and then get together to tie or stitch them! That would be a lot of fun! Let's do it!

The Kilpacks said...

Abby, that looked like you all had so much fun! I love all the quilts. You did a great job on Joey's. It's fabulous! I wish I had more time/money to quilt more. One day....

Lloyd said...

I think that you inherited quilting from me!!! I used to quilt so I could move the quilting frames out of the front room where Mom had set them up....... right in front of the TV!!!! She was always so happy to have a new "quilt on"