Friday, September 26, 2008

Target Reads This Blog

A few posts back I declared my love for owls. The next day, Target sent me some coupons to lure me in to their store. Like a moth to the flame, I went. Low and behold, the fall decore section was packed to the rafters with, what else? Owlies.
I brought them home,
lined them up for a family photo with some of their,
and plugged them in.
Thanks for reading, Target.


heather said...

Freaking cute owls. I went to Kohls today and was giddy at the site of 50% off their fall home decor. Although I had to resist for myself I was more than happy to purchase gifts for my sister-in-laws. Oh how I can love to shop.

Kimba said...

I think of you every time I see an owl. I have a serious urge to buy every owl object I see, knowing you would love it.

I wish Target read my blog! :) I could seriously use some coupons for their Halloween candy right now, Bear just ate it all. Stupid little mutt.

(But seriously, try the pumpkin spice Hershey's die for)

mikekaylynn said...

Target did the same thing for me, and I didn't even post it on my blog. Before Emily was born (little Joey's cousin), I wanted to decorate her room pink with brown butterflies, and low and behold Target made pink and brown butterflies decor.

Tanya said...

ha ha you are so funny. very cute owls. i love them too!