Sunday, June 1, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Brian and I returned to Oregon today (with much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, I might add). We had an awesome time being with family and friends over our time in Bountiful. Some of our favorite activities were:
1. When we were standing in the front yard of my parents house and started to hear the faint notes of the ice cream truck. Bri and I took four of our neices and nephews and ran all over town, some of us barefoot, to try and find it. Find it we did, and Uncle Brian treated us all to ice cream. What a good uncle he is!
2. My brother, Travis' surprise 40th birthday party. This thing has been in the works since last year, and we got wild and crazy on the dance floor! There was even a small fire started (accidentally) by one of my nephews, which was quickly put out by a dousing of Diet Coke.
3. Go karting at the new Larry H. Miller speedway with Brian's fam. This was my first time on a go kart, and I lost all the races, but still had a ball. Then we had a fantastic lunch at Tony Caputto's and helped Jason move out of his apartment.
4. Jocey's wedding. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Brian and I, along with some of our other friends, wandered the grounds at Red Butte Gardens (pronounced Red Butt by my mom) and took many pictures, including one particularly memorable moment with a moose. I promise to post pictures ASAP.
5. I had lunch with my sisters, Kami and Meghan, which is a rare occurrence. Actually, I think that is the first time ever in my life. It was Kami's birthday (same day as Travis) and after lunch we walked down to her house and helped her plant corn. It might sound wierd, but this was up there on my favorite events of the trip list.
6. Shopping with my mom.
7. Making felted wool with my mom.
8. Fishing with my dad.
9. Teaching my brother, Corey, how to give himself a pedicure.
10. Brian was able to fly planes with his dad every morning (while I was still snoozing.)
11. Brian channeled his cowboy side and worked on the farm with Scotty the Hotty.
12. Visiting the Manti Temple and Cove Fort.
13. A family reunion on Memorial Day up in Newton, Utah, and realizing what a wonderful heritage I belong to!
14. Did I already say spending time with friends and family?
I will load up my pictures and post them later tonight for your viewing pleasure!


Kimba said...

A fire put put by Diet Coke. That had to be your mom. :) I love it! And know what you mean, with the weeping and wailing part. When can we get together? Are you still looking at coming down over a weekend when Brian is here? I know it's coming up...but i can still dream. :)

heather said...

Holy cow woman YOU are busy when you are here.

Oh and as for the comment on my blog. I second the motion.

Heather said...

Hey there, looky what I found... weren't we just talking about you finally doing a blog? Glad to see you on here!

The Kilpacks said...

It was good to see you guys, and thanks again for treating the kids to icecream. They loved that little jaunt. Love ya, Amy