Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Emotion

Today I went to visit my old place of employment in Centerville. Many of the same people were there; Ashlee, Laura, Gale, and of course, Dr. B. The place hadn’t changed a bit, and I was again struck by a wall of homesickness for a place that I was already at.

The other day I was in the kitchen with my dad. We were eating Oreos, or maybe ice cream. I told him that I was homesick.
“Homesick for Oregon?”
“No dad, homesick for home.”


heather said...

Oh, Utah! So my question is does being homesick mean that you will visit long enough to catch up with old friends? I love that you started a blog by the way! So much easier to keep in touch. Love!

Chris K. said...

Orb, nice blog.


C.J. and Jackie said...

Yeah! I'm glad you started a blog so we can see pics of you and Brian and hear what is going on. If Brian hasn't told you our blog is Have fun in Utah, we are going in three weeks and hopefully Jackie won't get too homesick and not want to come back to California.

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

Hey! If you walk up that street, you will be at my house! I loved the fact that we could walk and ride our bikes anywhere in Bountiful. It was a great place to grow up! By the by, it was so good to see you and Brian at Joce's wedding. You two are so much fun to be around. Let me know when you are in town again. I love the blog!

Kimba said...

I get that feeling before I come home, have it the entire time, and it sticks around for another week. I thought this last time I might make it on the plane without crying, but...nope. :) And wow, ice cream in the kitchen with your dad. Powerful memories right there!