Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What If This Is As Gross As It Gets?

The scene was a familiar one.

I was at the kitchen sink doing the dishes.  Lydia was on the floor behind me playing with measuring cups, spoons, spatulas and the potato masher.  She was babbling away with her usual, questionlike, "Ah?  Ah?  Ah?" Then she started crawling away.  I thought she was going down the hall, which is what she usually does, so I didn't turn around. 

A few moments passed.

Then I heard the familiar clink clinking of Cookie's food and water bowls.  It didn't register for awhile that maybe  JUST MAYBE it wasn't the dog making those dishes clink together.  But when it did, it SURE DID, yaknowwhati'msayin?

I rounded the corner just in time to see my precious baby girl take a handful of dog food and stuff it in her mouth.

Then she looked at me.

She was smiling, and she was very, very proud of herself.

The end.


Jessica and Reecey said...

We've caught Lola munching on cat food on several occasions, only I'm pretty sure she does it on a regular basis since her breath often reeks of the stuff.

Stacy said...

That's hilarious! What a funny little baby.

Kimba said...

and that is one good benefit from having a dog that doesn't let a morsel of food sit for a second.

you think she liked it? like she'd go back to it? look ma! snacks on the floor! in a dish! just for me!


Nick said...

Wait, so babies shouldn't eat dog food? This is why I can never be a parent....

Cute story!

Leslie said...

I can't believe she is big enough to eat dog food! I just loved picturing the whole thing in my head. What a doll.

The Kilpacks said...

Love it! All of our kids have eaten some type of animal food. When Dallin was just a little guy he would sneak it in to his bed and hide it. I would check in on him before I went to bed and he would be double fisting it! Kids....gotta love em!

bridge said...


Jocelyn Pehrson said...

I was not bright enough to start putting everything up high when Talmage started crawling and getting into things. He soon discovered all the garbage cans in the house (none of which have lids). One day we saw Tal chewing on something. I pulled it out of his mouth...it was a used band-aid. I still shiver in disgust at myself that I somehow let that happen to my child.

Megs said...

My son seems to love dog food too! I can't understand it, it smells bad, it MUST taste bad, right?

Kids are funny that way.

Liv said...

oh come on, you KNOW it'll get more gross! wait until lydia learns how to take off her poopy diaper and share it with cookie.

apparently my older brother did that all the time.