Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saturday Is a Special Day

Last Saturday there was a break in the monotonous rain. Oregonians know that if the sun is out, you'd better get your little behind out, too, because it might not last long and it might not come again for days.

So, we loaded up the truck, the frisbee golf discs, the dog, grabbed some sandwiches, and headed to the park.

Only to find this:

Yeah. It was flooded. The picnic tables were bobbing around like corks and the frisbee golf cages were just poking out above the surface. That photo is of one of the shelters (courtesy of the Democrat Herald).

So we headed to another park, where things looked a little less wet. We got set up on our quilt and

we played,

we ate our sandwiches very dramatically while wearing our lucky tshirt from junior high,

Cookie dined on fresh greens,

and then Brian went off to throw a couple of shots, only to return moments later to inform me that the frisbee golf course was flooded, too.

Oh, Oregon!

But we still had fun...


Kimba said...

oh, oregon is right! :) so glad you got a break from the rain!! you guys are so cute, all of ya. for reals.

sorry 'bout the flooding. that's crazy!

Jocelyn Pehrson said...

so cute, like kim said, all of you! I love picnicking at parks, so i am sorry that half the adventure was destroyed by water.

Chelsea said...

crazy about all the flooding!! I do have to agree, you guys are one good looking family!! You really look great Ab!

heather said...

That last picture is my absolute favorite. Despite this soggy post I would still love to visit you in your soaked state. love you!

Leslie said...

Love that last picture. I love how the tree is making a heart shape! How fitting.

The Changs said...

I am glad that you guys had fun at the park (even though it appears to now be a water park). I love that happy, healthy little Lydia!

Madeline and Family said...

You look so good Abby! I'm hopeing that Oregon will let up on the wet show soon before I start adding to the mess with tears of depression. I hope you have a great time in Utah and hopefully enjoy the weather there.

Brittany said...

This blog is too cute, and your humor is so real and relatable! :) How can I add you as a friend or "follow" you? My blog is