Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rock A Bye

Today when Lydia woke up from her nap, we rocked in the big brown chair.

We looked at the irises out the window.

They are yellow and white.

I smelled her hair,

I buried my nose in her neck,

and I missed her.

Missed her because I know there will come a time when she will have to go to play, to school, to work, to get married, to rock her own sweet smelling babies.

The irises in the sun got a little blurry then.

Strange to think that I could miss the little soul that was right there in my arms, laying her head on my shoulder and sucking her fingers.

Motherhood is kind of (heart breaking) funny like that.


Steph said...

It is funny to hear someone else say that. I tell Joey that I miss her all the time. Even when she is right in front of me. The time passes so fast. I would love to just push a rewind button and do it all over again.

Chelsea said...

I feel the EXACT same!! At least you dont have to think of sending her on a mission!!! (well maybe, she could!) It's amazing how much love you have for your kids huh??
your babe is such a doll!! Can't believe how big she is getting
and you look great!

ps- thanks for your sweet comment, it made my day- sure is nice to hear that someone is reading it!!

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

Beautiful post, Abby! You described that unique feeling so well. With such a wonderful mother, I know that sweet Lydia will grow up to be a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and experiences. I love ya!

Kjersti said...

This post describes the feeling perfectly, and is so accurate for how I felt about registering Kameryn for preschool yesterday. Where does the time go?!
Lydia is so beautiful! I'm glad you blog as often as you do. You write so eloquently.

Lloyd said...

I know the feeling, you just want to keep them forever, but you can't.


Leslie said...

When are you going to write a book? Come on. You describe the feelings we all feel as mothers so brilliantly.
I am going through that same thing right now. Brock turned 4 yesterday. My baby. I am having some serious second thoughts about being done for the very fact that you described. It will all be over so soon.
You are such a good mommy.

The Kilpacks said...

So true, so true. I find it hard to believe that my oldest turns 18 and is ready to fly the coop and that my youngest is 6 and just finishing up Kindergarten. The time just goes by so fast, some day's I feel like I have just blinked and they have grown another year.

Bre said...

I totally miss her... Counting down till June. Love ya!

heather said...

You speak the truth sista!

p.s. she is a DOLL!

Rachel Bott said...

Every I time think of the past two plus years I feel that way. They grow so fast, and you never have that time again, As hard as it is some days.

Lloyd said...

On the other hand, children deserve an adult life. We got one. To hoard them forever is selfish. There is joy in watching them learn, triumph, and yes, fail at times only to learn and triumph once more.

Lydia's name sake told me, and you have heard it ten thousand times, "you are as happy as your most miserable child."