Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My War On Awesomeness

Today I came across two great blogs.

You know the kind. A mom with multiple kids comes up with the cleverest, cutest, shmoopydoopydest stuff around and posts it all on a blog with about a billion followers and 900 comments on every post.

It's the kind of blog that makes you go, "Her life looks nice. I want a nice life too." And in the meantime, you forget that your life is pretty damn fine just the way it is.

So, I came across these blogs and the more time I spent reading them, basking in other people's awesomeness, the more I felt, well...

like crap.

And I thought, "What did I do today? What Super Saturday worthy idea did I come up with? Am I even wearing clean underwear? Do I smell like spit up?"

(i am and i do.)

So to make myself feel better, I am writing this anti-clever post. Because I didn't do anything clever today. And I probably won't do anything clever tomorrow, either.

What I anti-cleverly did do today was:

change diapers,

clean the bathroom sink with a baby wipe,
squish my kid's face with my face until she was like, "Get off me, Ma.",

brush my teeth,

stared at the dishes and thought about washing them, but didn't,

stared at the stove and thought about cooking, but didn't,

and stared at the vacuum and thought about vacuuming,

but didn't.

And that's anti-clever enough for me.


heather said...

It's my life in a nutshell! Clever!

Adam and Tara said...

Thank you for this post because I am having the same kind of day! I didn't brush my teeth until 11am. I showered at 4pm. I reheated dinner and thought about doing the laundry. Screw those happy, task accomplishing blogs!

Nick and Stacy Stevens said...

Love it. I think more people live this way. Those super "awesome" blogs can't be real... right?

Kimba said...

Those super awesome bloggers aren't usually caring for infants. :)

This morning I watched my kitchen sink and laundry room fill with water. There was so crafting here.

Jocelyn Pehrson said...

That sucks that those blogs made you feel like crap. You shouldn't feel that way at all, because even if all you do in a day is brush your teeth and stare at things at least you have an amazingly cute little baby girl that needs you 24/7. I am sure that about 99% of new mothers feel the same way as you. I am one of them. I didn't accomplish a whole lot the first couple months with Talmage. In fact, I still don't. I'm slowly getting my groove back. LOL

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

I like your anti-clever life. It looks nice.

Liv said...

My war on awesomeness: work all day. Watch ANTM with the dog. Vacuum. Eat ice cream while watching LOST. Bedtime.

WOO. Take that clever bloggers.

Violadiva said...

LOL! Thanks for keepin' it real.

Jessica and Reecey said...

Hey, that looks familiar. I hate those "perfect" blogs. Also, I love your kid's cheeks. Will you come to Utah already? I need to kiss them too.

rnichols said...

You're amazing! happy diaper changing tomorrow, oh and to me too ;)

christy Hansen said...

I had the worst day yesturday, because I read one of those supper woman bloggs. So I hope you don't mind me posting, Heather C. told me I should look at yours. I feel better all ready, and I'm thinking that my life isn't so bad. In fact, I kindof like it. :) Thank you.

Bre said...

My life in a nut shell: Wake, Work, Home, House work, sleep and start over again... I doubt you can't get any more boring then that! Love you sis!

Kathryn said...

So, I think your blog is awesome. So there.