Monday, March 22, 2010

Questions Begat Questions

Two thoughts seem to run through my mind like a broken record.

#1. Is it enough?

Is it enough patience, strength, and love that I give to you?

Why do I miss you when you're sleeping? Do I shove a binky in your mouth too much? Do I bathe you, change your diaper, wipe your face, bite your nails, pick your nose too much? Or not enough?

Would you like more nose picking? Because I can make that happen.

Is it enough time?

#2. Am I doing this right?

Is this how I hold you? Is this how I kiss your cheek? Is this how I love you? Is this how we play?

Is this how I read to you? Is this how I sing? Can you hear me? Do you see me, my darling?

Do you know I am yours?


Martha Lee said...

Sometimes I wish I was thinking those things but all I seem to think is, "I could really use a nap."

By the way I will be reading "The Help" soon for a book club. When we are both finished we should chat.

heather said...

You thinking those things meaning you're doing it all right. love you.

Leslie said...

That should be published. So simple but it truly describes the complexities of motherhood. The missing you when you are sleeping is my favorite. It is funny but I miss the missing. Babies are so sweet and they grow so fast. You are doing everything right my friend. Maybe use a booger sucker for the nose though. He he.

Let me know what you think of The Help.

The Kilpacks said...

I still feel this way...and you know how old all of my kids are!

Bre said...

My dear sister, I so wish for those feelings. I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to call you and share how I'm feeling... someday I hope. You are an excellent mother. I have no doubt you are doing fantastic! Love you!

tom + lisa said...

This just got added to my list of all-time favorite posts from the blogs I read. You put it so well, and she'll love reading it when she's rocking her first little one.