Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pregnancy Ponderings

In this edition of Pregnancy Ponderings:

-She's Gone And Done It

-Brooching the Subject

She's Gone and Done It

The day I found out our little bairn was a sheila I went straight to and loaded up my virtual shopping cart. When I showed Brian my pending purchases he put the breaks on.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," he said. "Let's hold off a bit."

I think the big daddy was in shock. Be it a combination of baby shock, girl shock, or sticker shock, he needed some time to process. Let's not forget that he saw a half-crazed look in my wee beady eyes, either.

But if I'm fully disclosing information here, I can't put all the blame on Brian. I have to say that buying things for someone you've never seen, never known, someone who has not even taken a breath of air before is at the very least a little bit strange.

So I've been a good girl. Waiting until I felt I needed to buy something for my child. I've been patiently biding my time.

Until today.

When I went to Carter's.

And they were having a sale.

We're talking about bum ruffles people. Bum. Ruffles.

Brooching the Subject

A few months ago my friend Bridgette invited me to teach a class for her Enrichment Night down in San Jose. Since I was coming down anyway to hang with her and Kim I gladly said yes. The project I decided to do was felted wool brooches.

And they just turned out pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me.

My table.

Here's one I made today, a poinsettia for the holidays.

And last but not least, here is the big, fat pregnant lady getting ready to teach the brooch making class.


Kimba said...

I see no big fat pregnant lady.

Blogger must be messing with you again...

Kjersti said...

You look adorable. And your felt brooches? Amazing. You've got mad skills, my friend. Mad skills.

Also, it's worth noting that in order to publish my comment, my word verification word is ishedi. Strange.

Madeline and Family said...

those are adorable, everything is adorable. In fact, those felt flowers would be so cute on your little shelia's head as a head band.

turleybenson said...

Those are so cute!!!! I wanna make some...can you come teach me too?

Mellanee said...

Bum RUFFLES!!! I love bum ruffles!! I also love your brooches. Oh, and I love you.

Tanya said...

you look great! love the brooches! so super cute.

Martha Lee said...

I have not gotten that much into shopping for the new little one, but the other day Joe and I were in Target and he wondered into the little girls section. I started picking out all kinds of things. I proceeded to put them back and wait until after we got all the gifts and things.
(BTW you look great!)

Bre said...

My dear sister, the next time you call yourself "fat" you need to change the spelling to "phat." YOU ARE NOT FAT!!! You are pregnant (YEA!) and BEAUTIFUL!!! (Am I going to have to take a 10 hour drive to tell you in person ;)?) Those broches are "phat"!!! Well done!
Love you and big hugs!!!!!

heather said...

I didn't buy Chelsea a single thing before she was born, it was strange but I felt like I didn't want to be forcing what I liked on her so early. Stupid I know because likes shes going to come out and have an opinion. I did however get giddy when I had showers and now I too need to rein in a little and use my better judgment when buying clothes that she'll only wear for months. But yes the ruffles get me every time.

The broaches by the way or adorable, so is the model, big... I think not.

tom + lisa said...

love the brooches... you should make some to clip to head bands for the little girly girl coming your way. (or not, just a thought.) AND, isn't it amazing how the cute factor gets bumped up a million if there's bum ruffles?? they don't so much work for us, so have that baby girl where'em while she can!

Leslie said...

Ok, I want a brooch.

You should sell these!

And you look adorable, by the way!