Monday, August 3, 2009

Pregnancy Ponderings

In this edition of pregnancy ponderings:


My baby is in my fruit bowl. And, no, 'fruit bowl' is not a metaphor, as lovely as it is, for my womb.

I've been thinking lately about the origins of us all, and most especially about matter. According to LDS doctrine, matter has always existed. It was unorganized before the earth was formed, but then Christ organized it, under God's direction, in it's proper order, thereby creating the earth and all the creatures in it.

I believe this.

I've also been thinking about a soil science class I took (way back) when I was in college. Rocks of all types are made by the earth. Rocks erode over time, which makes dirt. Dirt is the medium our food grows in, provided that sunlight, air and water are present. We eat the food which our bodies use to build muscle, bones, organs, blood, etc.

The old adage is true; we are what we eat.

So my baby is in my garden and at the grocery store. My baby is on the farm. My baby is deep in the earth. My baby is in the air, in the sun, and in the water. Christ created the earth, and the earth is creating us.

My baby is in my fruit bowl.


Chris said...

Is this about spirituality or about physicality? Really though, what's the difference if it's all reality.

It's nice to see your spiritual side (last conveyed by that Mormon Tabernacle Choir You Tube video).

In my not-yet-college-gradumecated opinion, a poem based on this blog post would be publishable.

Kimba said...

I like this, and believe it too.

However, I totally thought of that irreverent video by Tom Green about his bum....

In the few college courses I took (le siiiiigh) one of my very favorites was Physiology. The human body is so AMAZING, and every lecture made me more and more convinced that God was behind it all. Not that I needed convincing, it's just so intricate and perfect and it was just further testament.

Learning is fun. :)

Leslie said...

Wow. That was a bit deep for me at 9:00 in the morning.

Very thought-provoking. We certainly are special beings, aren't we?

BTW...I got your sweet thank you card. I am SO happy you like the owl. Just for future reference, my house number is 279 (rather than 720).

Love you tons! Can't wait to see you in a week or so.

Lloyd said...

I'm with Leslie. Dudette, that was way deep.

bridge said...

I always thought pregnancy dulled my insight and decreased my capacity to experience intellect. I can see it does the opposite for you.

heather said...

Tis' deep. Tis' good.

I wouldn't mind eating every fruit in that bowl there.

Kjersti said...

This is really beautiful, Abs.

Camille and Paul said...

interesting thought. It is nice to get a new perspective on something so amazing!