Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Diary of a Pregnant Woman

-Wake up at dawn with a bladder that is nigh to bursting.
-Take care of business.
-Get back in bed and lay there for several hours, wondering what will happen to the contents of my stomach if I am vertical rather than horizontal.
-Work up the courage to venture out of bed for a bowl of cereal.
-Take two hours to eat the bowl of cereal.
-Discuss with Kim the pending birth of Bridgette's baby.

-Decide to venture back upstairs to take a shower and brush my teeth.
-Begin brushing teeth.
-Lose breakfast in the sink while sweet husband rubs back.
-Mourn the loss of breakfast. (It was a lot of work.)
-Become overwhelmed with exhaustion, skip shower, return directly to bed.
-Contemplate feeling sorry for self.
-Decide to be grateful I am not at work or at school, and that I have nothing to do but grow a baby.
-Chuckle wryly to self.

-Take bubble bath while snacking on crackers and tea.
-Doze in bathtub.
-Discuss with Kim how happy I am with the way things seem to work out in my life.
-Begin crying.
-Return to bed.
-Further discuss with Kim the pending birth of Bridgette's baby.
-Fall asleep.

-Wake up, hungry enough to eat my own limbs
-Venture downstairs
-Discover that Bridgette's baby has indeed been born, that he is huge, and adorable.
-Contemplate the need for a newer, larger bra.
-Have insatiable craving for Wendy's chicken nuggets, send happy husband to purchase desired meal.
-Husband returns with Wendy's and two movies.
-Watch Taken, then start The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
-Fear my child will be born an old, old, man.

-Return to bed
-Discuss with husband how happy I am with the way things seem to work out in my life.
-Begin crying.
-Husband falls asleep.
-Look at pictures of Bridgette's baby for the 900th time.
-Write mom an email.
-Write blog.

The End

(Please note, I am in no way trying to complain about being pregnant. I am absolutely over the moon about it. Nor am I out for pity. I just want to tell the honest story of what it's like to be pregnant during the first trimester.)


turleybenson said...

Hey listen. No matter how fortunate you are and blah blah blah, sometimes pregnancy SUCKS! And that's Ok to acknowledge.

I love this diary. Especially with the weepies. Mine still haven't gone away, I'm sorry to tell you. :)

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

Sounds familiar...
I understand the whole "happy to be pregnant, but its hard" feeling. There is nothing that I can really compare pregnancy to. Can you?

Kimba said...

'Tis true, Marissa! I think it might be a permanent change.

First trimester is the poops, that's all there is to it. It gets better, I promise!

Also, does that mean you make it through the night without peeing?!?! I'm insanely jealous. Your bladder is steel!

Abby said...

Kim, sometimes I do make it through the night, but that's only when I go to bed very very late. Usually though, I do not make it through the night.

Leslie said...

My weepies haven't gone away either. And I'm not even pregnant. They just seem to be part of womanhood and motherhood. Sometimes they are good weepies though.

I love the journaling of pee and tears.

Kaylynn said...

Have you talked to Martha lately, I understand that she doesn't get sick. I never got sick either, just tired. I know, you hate me right now!

Jessica and Reecey said...

Oh the first trimester... such a bittersweet period. You're constantly trying to balance all the crying, puking, sleeping etc. with the overwhelming excitement that comes with carrying a baby. Hang in there- the second trimester is CAKE compared to this.

Abby said...

What? The weepies don't go away? Whatinthe. No one is going to take me seriously ever again!

Abby said...

Kaylynn, I spoke with Chris tonight and he was like "Sorry you've got the sickies, Orb." I said it was all good, then asked how Martha was doing, and he was like "Umm...she went swimming tonight."

I'm glad for her though, it would be so hard to be sick and have a one year old to take care of at the same time! Maybe when she gets a girl, she'll get the sickies, too.

Abby said...

By the way, Kaylynn, saw your Aunt Tingey at a quilting shop in Corvallis yesterday!

heather said...

Isn't it all funny though. You said it, somebody knew that the first trimester wouldn't be all flowery for you so that somebody had you wait, just a little while to get rid of all of those lovely disturbances. Isn't the beginning lovely though? It will pass, you may not believe it the further along you get, but it will, then that second trimester is bliss. If you're anything like me that happy husband who jumped to your every beckon call will get his rewards... ten fold. I'm just sayin'.

bridge said...

Just spent a few minutes catching up on your blog. Such an entertaining writer, you are. Good to know you were thinking of me that day!

Bre said...

Oh boy!! Sounds like life as a pregnant lady is an adventure. I'm so HAPPY for you. I wonder how I'll fair when it's my turn and I get to work full time... Something to ponder...