Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Crap Home

What happens when you mix your little yellow house with the billions of migrating geese that fly through Oregon skies every spring and fall?

Home crap home, that's what.

What's next, you birds? Will you just lay an egg mid flight now?

Because that would be rich.


Kimba said...

Dude. A whole bunch of geese live at a park near us and they fly over constantly. It's amazing how much they poop!

We went tonight, and saw BABY GEESE. I thought of you. They were adorable and fuzzy.

Lloyd said...

To be pooped on, by any bird that is, is Good Luck!!!!!

Liv said...

i bet an owl would never poop on your house like that.

Abby said...

it's definately the work of a goose.


Jon and Michelle said...

Geese don't sound very nice to poop on your window... I am however, jealous of all your flowers. They are so pretty and I bet your house is just gorgeous with them. It makes me want to plant flowers, but where...??? I don't have that green thumb like you.

heather said...

That sucks. I would offer to help, but I don't do windows.