Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Great Bedside Table Project

"Egad," I thought to myself the other night as I laid the National Geographic I was reading on my bedside table, "that looks rather precarious."

I looked at all the items there and made a mental list: one box of tissues, a glass of water, lotion, a thermometer, a pair of my grandmother's clip-on earrings for poetic gardening vibes, cherry lip balm, one snotty tissue, three novels, one Bible, one antique cookbook from Virginia, one magazine and one lamp.

As I lay there and stared at the mass of things on the tiny table, I wondered what your bedside table looks like. Is it immaculate? Dusted? Undusted? Out of date? Are there fresh flowers or snotty tissues? A baby bottle? Is there a stack of books you've been meaning to read?

So begins The Great Bedside Table Project. Submit to me a photo of your bedside table in whatever state it's in. These do not need to be professional images. Just grab your camera and go take a picture.

Email your picture to me at and I'll post it on the blog. And who knows, maybe we'll vote on the best ones.

Ready? You have one week.


Here's mine:


Mellanee said...

How about my bedside floor? I never have room on my nightstand for ALL my STUFF! The heaps and piles of books and stuff must go to the floor. I'm only really happy with heaps and piles of bedside stuff.

Jessica and Reecey said...

Mine looks startlingly similar to yours. Seriously, right down to the half-empty glass of water. Freaky.

Kimba said...

Can I at least wipe off the boob milk spray spots? :)

Liv said...

Is your lamp from IKEA? The base looks just like mine. I must know. I'll send off an email in a bit!

Abby said...

Kim, I'll leave that one up to you. Liv, yes, my lamp is from Ikea! Where would we be without Ikea?
Mom, you can send a picture of your bedside floor and table if you would like.

Leslie said...

Ok, I am in. The one area of my house that never seems to stay clean is my dresser! Everything gets put there. I put things there, Mark puts things there, the kids put things there and it is a disaster most of the time. Funny thing...I am reading The Book Thief as well! It has taken me a while to get into it but I think I am finally in the groove. Let's chat about it my fellow bardette!

Allie said...

Are you reading the book thief? I absolutely love that book.
I'll send you a picture of my nightstand!