Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Great Bedside Table Project Results

It was so fun to receive the pictures that you sent me of your bedside tables. Not only was I pleased that people participated, but after viewing the pictures I realized how private and personal the bedside table can be. This often overlooked area of our home holds our nightly necessities so that in those wee hours, we don't have to get out of our cozy beds to blow our noses, have a drink of water, or put chap stick on our lips. Besides holding useful items, many of you have objects that mean a lot to you on your bedside tables. I saw pictures of friends or family, a figurine, or a pair of favorite earrings. And lets not forget our books, either.

So to you, humble nightstand, we pay homage.
And now, here are the submissions I recieved for the project.
The first submission is from my sister-in-law, Amy. Sorry this one is so small. I see a lamp, remote control, a crime novel? and a picture of her (very cute) family.
Allie submitted this one. The little lighthouse lamp reminds me of Oregon.
Here is Kimba's. This is what she had to say about her bedside table, "Stuffed full bin of baby items, scriptures, three books (Little Women, Life of Pi, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child), four children's books, boobie pads, two different remotes to the tv (one of them isn't even needed anymore) foot lotion, chapstick, cuticle creme, baby Orajel, Cortizone creme (i dun got bit on my ankles!) water bottle. Lamp. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink." Useful and cute, that's what I like about it.Here are three pictures Kjersti submitted. She calls herself a bedside table 'party pooper' but I don't know why. She sent along some photos of the collage she has hanging above her bedside table as well, and it was fun to see the whole area where her bedside table hangs out. Unlike many of us, she reports that her bedside table is one of the cleanest places in her whole house (mine is a disaster).This is my dad's bedside table. I'm pretty sure that he was not in charge of the ceramic cow and doily placement here. It looks spic and span though, which is just like my dad.And then there's my mom, who didn't even send a picture of her bedside table, just the floor in front of it. I can just see her reading at night and then simply chucking the books and magazines off the side of the bed when she was ready to go to sleep. Typical Mel Mel if you ask me.
This is Liv's bedside table. She states that the book she is reading is not on her bedside table because she has it packed in her purse, ready to be toted with her to work, and the one she just finished is in another part of the house. Liv is obviously a fastidious housekeeper who has great taste in lamps.Liv was kind enough to send two photos and I have to admit that this one is my favorite. She actually opened up her bedside table drawer and took a picture. The thing I love most about this is that she has a calculator in there. Because, hey, you never know when you might need to do some number crunching.
I did mention that I might have a little vote for this, but I think I'll just ask you a question and then we can discuss in the comment section. The question is this: What do you think was the most unusual item on, in, or around any of the bedside tables?


Liv said...

I love that Kim and I have the same table, and that you and I have the same lamp.

I hate to spoil the fun, but it's not a calculator. It's a dvd remote so I can watch Gilmore Girls in bed... I should have told you what was in there, sorry!

Way fun project though, I'm so glad you thought of it!

Kimba said...

Liv, I was just going to comment on that! I love the red! And your lamp is fantastic.

Way fun, Abs! I loved the contrast between your mom and dad. :) Cracked me up.

Abby said...

That's the tiniest remote I've ever seen! Totally looks like a calculator.

I know, I just barely figured out that you and kim have the same table. Too silly.

turleybenson said...

And I totally missed it the bedside table project. Out of laziness. Boo to me.

The Kilpacks said...

Great job Abby! It was exciting to see your post. I hope that you do some more fun/random things like that again soon!
(Yes, there are two crime novels on my nightstand.)

Chris said...

I think Dad's doily wins this contest.

Kaylynn said...

I love these. I actually took a picture of my night stand when I was 18 years old. I love seeing the pile of books on it. How fun!

Liv said...

PS I think the weirdest thing is a cow on a doily.

Also? The word "doily." I really don't like how it looks.

Kjersti said...

This was an excellent idea. I think that Kim should win something for most useful things put in such a tiny space. And your mom wins for most books/tissues, and Liv wins for cutest pillowcase.

Lloyd said...

On top of the doily is a cow. Anyone notice? It is a cookie jar!! Just large enough to hold a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum snub nose revolver.

heather said...

I'm loving your side table pics. I on the other hand opted out due to my reluctance to clean it. What can I say I'm ashamed of how messy it gets, but I blame Ryan so it all works out. :)

Anonymous said...

Darn! I missed the contest and I think I might have won. My husband and I each have a secretaty for nightstands. Bookshelves above with glass doors, drawers below and the secretary part in the middle with clocks, kleenex, phone and so on, and a door to close and hide it all!
Sal's Girl