Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Break: Summer's Appetizer

So Spring Break was weeks ago. Whatever. If I don't post about my trip now, I never will. But I'll keep it short and sweet so as not to lose your interest.

Who: Me, Brian, and our friends Mark, Bridgette, Kim and Caleb
What: Spring Break
Where: Beach House, Carlsbad, California
When: Spring Break
Why: Spring Break
How: Spring Break

We Hiked

We ate.

Admittedly, it was a trial to eat at this behemoth every night.

Pass the salt, bro.
We lallygagged poolside, where Kim and I attentively watched ants march to and fro.

We're simple girls, Kim and I.
He's totally listening to John Denver right there.
We drank bottomless bottles of lemonade Crystal Light.

A mysterious house gnome labeled the bottles. That's my real name, too. And you thought it was Belina...silly.

And Bridge and I went to The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.
Someday I'm going to have a garden just like this:

(those are aviaries with chickens, finches, and doves in them on both sides of the garden, and a fish pond in the center)
Prepare yourself to be amazed by the ranunculus.
Yeah. I think I peed a little.


Liv said...

Those flowers are all so divine.

Makes me wish I had even a little bit of grass in my yard. *sigh* I don't think planting flowers in a dirt/weed patch is going to work :)

The Kilpacks said...

Gorgeous! You'll be happy to know that I have planted some of the seeds you gave us for Christmas! Thanks again, I can't wait for them to come up!

Kimba said...

Oh. My. Gosh. WORST PICTURE OF ME, EVER. Seriously. Tell me you have another. I can't even stand to look at it!

Abby said...

What?! I think it's cute! I will take it down if you hate it that bad! I don't have another!

Let me see if I can find something else...

Abby said...

Ok dude, I changed the picture, but it makes me sad because I don't have any others of the two of us together, so I had to put two seperate ones up.

That one of me and Bridgette though? AWFUL!!! My hair is terrible.

heather said...

My MIL has some of those flowers planted in a planter at her house. She had to show me and told me that they were from CA. They really are beautiful. As are you my lovely Abster.

Kimba said...

It was like, never ending stomach. I need someone to be my assistant and tell me that my baby gut is hanging out in pictures, or maybe I shouldn't slouch like that, or if I'd stop tucking my chin under I wouldn't appear to have 30 rolls. But I don't have the kinda dough for it. :)

Sigh. In another life. Next time we're together we'll take loads of pictures. (So long as Caleb is there to be like, Kim. Dude. Stop makin' that face.)

Also, I think you look fabulous. I haven't done my hair in days. Maybe like, once this week. It's ridiculous.

Leslie said...

What beautiful flowers! And might I add that you look GORGEOUS in all the pictures!

Sounds like a fun trip! I am happy you got to have a vacation away from the stresses of school.