Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Like I'm On Drugs

Well, it's the time of year when I get the itch. Not only in my nose, throat, and eyes, but in my green thumb which is, coincidentally, extra green. Lucky for you, my green green thumb allows you to delight in my pruning foibles and gardening blunders. And delight I know you will.

It's spring everyone. And it's time to get planting. My weekend project is to get my garden ready and get my seeds started, which I will document on this here web log. Also coming is a post about the amazing yard and garden show I attended a few weeks ago here in Portland. I was able to meet an incredible famous gardener and ask him about how I should control the cucumber beetles in my garden. So...stay tuned to find out who the famous guy is and how to control cucumber beetles in your own garden.

For now though, I wanted to share with you some pictures from the Oregon State University campus. The campus is beautiful all year round, but spring is quite special. The rhodies, hellebore, ornamental trees, and other little lovelies have waited patiently all winter to bust out their fineries. I happened to have my trusty camera with me on Tuesday, when I snapped a few pictures while walking in between classes.

These are white and pink rhododendrons, a.k.a. "Rhodies". Special to me why? Well, I actually have a Great Aunt Rhodie and I can't help but think of her and my Grandma Lydia when I see these beauties each spring. This colony of rhodies has bloomed so thickly it looks as though it could float away.

This is a lonely little hellebore that I just happened upon behind some building. The bloom looks like it's floating...
The following picture is of a manzanita. I have seen these before, as they grow well on the West Coast, but never one with such abundant blooms. These shrubs offer year round interest with their gorgeous bark and evergreen leaves, they smell great early in the season, the flowers are gorgeous, and the pretty berries that show up after the flowers are loved by the birds.
If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.
After talking about it, I couldn't resist posting a picture of the blooms from my own little baby manzanita. It grows at my curb and, because it is so small, I was on my hands and knees in the road sticking my face into the branches. It's like I'm on drugs.
Well, I believe that's enough for now. But get out the shovels and gloves, ladies and gents, cus there's gonna be a whole lotta plant talk goin' on here in the next couple of weeks!

Happy spring, everybody!


The Kilpacks said...

Abby. love the pictures. I can't wait for warmer weather and all the lovely blooms that come with it! I have some tulips coming up and peas sprouting in the garden!

C.J. and Jackie said...

Spring, what is this Spring you talk of, I look out my window and I see it snowing, ahhhhh why did we move back to UTAH, I want warm weather!!!!! I want to have spring like you and see pretty flowers.

heather said...

Dude. There is snow on my lawn as i type. That's just low my friend. Beautiful but low.

Leslie said...

SO beautiful! I love the manzanita plant! Wow! I feel like Spring will never come! And how do people actually have tulips? The deer have eaten ours so they are now little green stubs. Nothing works. Any thoughts my gardening friend?

I can't wait for your posts! Mark is definitely the green thumb but I would LIKE to be. I just don't know anything.

Bring on the knowledge. And the sun.

Kimba said...

I sort of want to eat that manzanwhatever. I don't know why, but that's the first thing I thought of. Looks like Skittles!

I don't know. Don't ask.

Loved the shots of campus - so beautiful. Fall and Spring were my favorites there.

Kimba said...

Also, cute new look. I enjoyed the owl, while it lasted, as well. :)

Lloyd said...

Grandma and Aunt Rhodie would be proud, very proud.

I love you.