Sunday, March 15, 2009

File Under Frustrations aka FUF

Look, all I want is a baby and a grand piano.

Is that so much to ask?



Tanya said...

i wish i could give you both and pray that you will someday have both. you will be an amazing mom who fills her house with beautiful music. i just know it.

Kimba said...

You will.

Liv said...

Oh Abby. I think I might seriously have to stop reading friends' blogs b/c if I find out one more person is pregnant I might just go insane.

I feel ya.

Leslie said...

It will happen. But it sucks to have to be patient. I will pray for you...more for the baby though.

Also, looking at your "tweets" I totally relate to the F and S word dilemma. I really had to learn how to skip past it. I have a good story about it that I will have to share w/ you next time I see you.

heather said...

Not too much, however I'm still waiting on a piano. I'm taking lessons lady, can you believe it? I'm all old and what not but I still bust out the huffy and ride over every Thurs. in hopes that one day such music will be played in my house.

But like Kimbalena said (and in a lot less of a novelish way), you will. I know it. i♥u

Danae said...

Hi Abby! I hear you there! On the baby part, that is. We tried for a second, and I think Kjersti may have told you, we got pregnant last year but lost it right before Christmas. It kinda broke my heart! I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you! Motherhood is amazing and even more wonderful when it is something you really want and you've been waiting for. You'll be a GREAT Mom!