Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Favorite Places Tuesday on a Wednesday: Sweet Silver Bells

My dad sent me a video of the Holdman home in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The Holdmans put out some incredible Christmas lights and then they set them to music. The video my dad sent me was intriguing, so I did a little bit of research.

Willie Holdman is a photographer/graphic designer/Tahitian Noni Juice peddler (for serious). You can see his photography here. He loves to do a magnificent Christmas display each year because he says he loves "Christmas lights, music, and computers," and because it's another way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

This year's display is estimated to have about 150,000 lights and 7,000 feet of extension cords. Now, you might be wondering how the heck the guy powers all this gear. You greenies will love this, because he uses wind energy. He actually uses the electricity from the power company, and then puts it back on the grid using wind turbines. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Mr. Holdman spends the entire year planning his display, and actually takes a week off of work in November to make sure everything gets set up just so. He is not sure how much money he has spent on his displays, but states that he could have bought a couple of 4 wheelers instead. "Many people buy ATVs, trailers, home theater systems, vacations, etc. Me, I buy Christmas lights."

He uses a small FM transmitter to broadcast his music. So, when you drive up to the house all warm and snugly in your car, simply tune in to 99.9 FM and gaze at the beauty before you with shock and awe.

For directions to the Holdman Christmas Light display, click here. The Holdmans have actually had to move their display to Lindon, Utah this year because the community they lived in in Pleasant Grove voted to keep their gate shut. Grinches. So don't go to Pleasant Grove and blame me, okay?

If Lindon is too far for you to drive to, if you're a couch potato, or if you're worried about getting flipped off because you're blocking the soccer mom with the mini-van full of Sunbeams, you can always watch the videos on my high quality blog, YouTube, or the Holdman Christmas video site (recommended) which you can reach by clicking here.

Oh, and one last very important thing. There is etiquette for driving by the Holdman home: Don't block driveways or other cars, if you have a loud engine don't let it sit and idle, do not honk your horn, and keep your Hire's Big H wrappers inside the vehicle at all times.

I hope to make it to the display this year. Heck, I've never even been there and it's already made it to Favorite Places Tuesday on a Wednesday. You're gonna like the way it looks, I guarantee it.


Oh, and uh, Merry flippin' Christmas.


Leslie said...

That is amazing! I have heard of this house but haven't ventured out yet.
I can say one is a good thing I don't live nearby because my kids already beg me to walk up and down our street late at night to see everyone's cool lights. (Which aren't very cool, so just imagine what a house like THEIRS would do!)
We may be visiting this house nightly now thanks to your bloggy blog. It will save us a long drive!
Love you!

C.J. and Jackie said...

Thanks Abby, that was pretty cool. Maybe we will have to visit that place this weekend, or we should wait until you are in Utah and we could all go together!!!

Kristy said...

This is AMAZING!!! Holy crap! I'm going to have to make a trip to Lindon when I come home for Christmas to see it in person! Thanks for spreading some holiday cheer!

Mellanee said...

Thanks Belina, for another one of your wonderful gifts. Hope we can go there together while your hope.
Love you,

Mellanee said...