Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Storm Is Coming

Something is happening in our lives. Something remarkable, something that has been highly anticipated for months.

Friends. The stork is bringing Brian a baby.

A brand spankin' new Blackberry Storm.

I'm trying to think of all the things I will do with my spare time now, what with Brian becoming addicted to the machine and all. It hasn't even come yet and he is glued to his computer screen, watching video reviews of his new toy.

I am officially a Blackberry Widow.

...and you thought we were having a real baby. HAHAHAHAHA!


Lloyd said...

WOW........Does it have a Liahona?

Kjersti said...

Seriously, I even could see the top of the picture of the phone and my heart STILL stopped when I thought you guys might be pregnant. Shame on you for playing with my emotions like that! :)

Abby said...

Yes, dad, it has a Liahona. Never fear, we will never be lost again. We also may never speak to Brian again, either.

Sorry, Kjersti! That was pretty shameless, wasn't it?
But trust me, you would know about it before my blog would!

heather said...

Yeah, I too was sucked into the "she's pregnant!"

Just mean. Dumb toy.

Leslie said...

MEAN! Just plain mean. I was getting all excited.

Anonymous said...

HEARTLESS! Don't you dare toy with peeps emotions like that.... but he's gonna be such a cute baby. Tell Brian he's going to have the same love for his BBerry that I have for my Wyatt.

Kimba said...

It's all I hear about, this Storm. Tell Brian I'm sorry it died on him...happened to Cabe when he got his Blackberry last time, and he was so distraught.

Also, it comforts me somewhat, to remember that while Cabe is glued to his Blackberry, he's most likely talking to Brian. Meaning, somewhere out there? You're alone too. :)

Jessica and Reecey said...

Reece is going to be SO jealous. He is trying to convince me to get one when in December, when I am up for a phone upgrade. Really, he's hoping I will get it, not know how to use it, and trade him for his "not as cool" blackberry. Boys.