Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Just Mad About Saffron

My best friend, Kim, is about to become a mother. Any day now, in fact. And I can't stop thinking about her, wondering if she's okay, wondering if her contractions have started yet.

It seems like I should be in the hospital waiting room while she's delivering her first child, and pass out blue cigar bubblegum to all the family and friends when the nurse comes in and says, "It's a big, healthy boy!". Like there should be a picture of us in her hospital room, her baby in her arms.

But the reality is that we are in two different states.

And it's killing me.

75% of my life has been spent with Kim. She is my yo. My B.F.F. My peep. My dawg.


Because one of the 25 text messages I got from her today said, "Have you SEEN the price of SAFFRON?!"

I miss you muchly, my Mary Margaret. So, so muchly.


heather said...

They're posts were later in the evening one day and I told Ryan I had to get their address STAT because I just knew they were having that baby already. I was wrong. Much to her demise, I am sure.

heather said...

Do you like how I spelled They're? They they are posts. I'm really intelligent here. Just so you know.

The Cori said...

Excellent...our e-mail is

Kimba said...

Seriously. Who's idea was this separation thing again?! It's always the boys fault, isn't it?! :) I would love NOTHING MORE than for you to be here, so we could make fun of Oprah and go shopping and eat chocolate and make crazy food and sit and do nothing. And wait.