Monday, November 17, 2008

If Anyone Asks, You Didn't See Me Here

Brian and I were watching Jeopardy, when we noticed Cookie The Dog very sneakily trying to slink up onto the couch where I was sitting. I gently pushed her off and said, "No, Cookie. No."

She tried again. Again I pushed her off, but she looked very sad, like she just needed someone to love her.

So she went over to try her luck with Brian, who is such a softy.

He said it was okay though, because her paws were on him, not on the furniture.

Rules, indeed.


The Kilpacks said...

That's too funny! We started out like that....I mean the whole "No dog on the furniture" bit. But, needless to say, it didn't last to long. We only allow her up "most of the time" when we invite her, but she helps herself just as much. Right now she is in of Dallin's bed keeping his toes warm. (I like her to sleep on my bed when Josh is out of town...but only on his side! haha)

Tanya said...

ha ha we miss having that cookie over. i wish she was here to clean up my floors!

Kaylynn said...

The letter of the law over the spirit......mmmmm

Anonymous said...

Is this a new yoga pose? The downward sitting dog?