Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Favorite Places Tuesday...On a Tuesday!

Today I went to lunch with my friend Heather in Corvallis. She suggested that we meet up at one of my favorite places.

I tried to find some juicy gossip about the deli for you online but didn't find much, other than it appears the deli also publishes books under the name "Old World Publications". Sandwiches, books. Totally go together. That explains why they have books for sale along the sandwich line. And oh, what a beautiful sandwich line it is!
See, you walk under that little house type thing to order your food. See the feet sticking out the window? I didn't say it wasn't weird.

Anyway, the place is the home of the Nutty Vegetarian, which is a sandwich and not a person, though I am SURE there are plenty of nutty vegetarians in Corvallis. The Nutty Vegetarian was made famous two years ago by Kim, who dedicated an entire post to the sandwich. Read that post here.

Of course, they have plenty of other delightful sandwiches there, along with a visually pleasing menu.I usually go for the French Dip or the Reuben. Heather wanted to try the Nutty Vegetarian, which she said was good, but mustardy.
And did I mention the ceiling? I didn't? Well, a local woman tried to paint the ceiling. With local figures. My thinking is that she was trying to cover the entire thing but, getting a crook in her neck and a serious case of vertigo, probably decided she was done after about 25% was finished. Needless to say, the ceiling itself is worth a trip. My favorite image is creepy hand lady with one plastic hand protruding from the ceiling. Looks like she wants to burgle my sandwich to me. Hands off, creepy hand lady. Hands off.
This may not surprise you. The Old World Deli has a secret life. By day, it serves up tasty sandwiches and by night it's a hang out for belly dancers. If you were to go on YouTube and search for belly dancing at old world deli, you would get videos of just that. I wanted to post one on here, but I'm just not weird enough. Or as they say here, Corvallis enough. Also? you can rent belly dancing instructional videos (on VHS, no less) at the deli. Then, if you want, you can show off your skills to the crowds on Thursday nights. Plus, you might get your picture painted on the ceiling. Who doesn't want that? My favorite is the lady on the lower right in blue. That's hot.

The Deli is also the home to open mic nights for students from OSU. I haven't attended one of those events yet, but I will be soon.

And as if all THIS weren't enough, the building also serves as an art gallery, with art on the walls for sale, as well as a hydroponic gardening store. The art gallery publishes and sells a calendar every year of old naked men from Corvallis fishing or gardening together. I think I'll put it on my Christmas list.

Oh, and I ALMOST forgot. The Old World Deli also houses a brewery. So, deli, brewery, art gallery, gardening store, book publisher, book seller, video rental, poetry reading and belly dancing. All under one roof? Sold!


Liv said...

What an awesome deli! I remember reading about Kim's sandwich, but I don't remember a description of the deli itself. I am NOT a fan of that lady. Seriously? Why?

And here's a random fact for you- my mom's a belly dancer! She's been taking classes for years. It's so great.

Kimba said...

Oh, the Nutty Vegetarian! My mouth is watering!

Remember all the nakedness in the art gallery? So classic. I can't think of anything better than a Nutty Vegetarian and boobs.

Sadly, that sounds a little like me right now...

Leslie said...

Kim, that comment was hilarious.
And Abby, Oregon is creeping up my list of places to go on vacation! I have to see these great places.

"Nutty" seems to sum up the whole place.

Abby said...

Too true, Leslie, too true. It is a little nutty, but so worth it. And you ALWAYS have a place to stay if you come and visit up here! (If you want to, that is.)
That's cool that your mom does belly dancing Liv. I was watching the youtube videos and I was like, hmm that looks kind of fun, maybe I could...and then the girl started shaking her boobs. I know not all belly dancers do that, but that pretty much did me in on the belly dancing bit.
And Kim. You are a funny little friend.

heather said...

Would it be too bold to invite myself out to see you? I would buy the sandwiches...

Abby said...

Not too bold at all, my darling friend! You are always welcome! We would have so much fun!