Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorite Places Tuesday

Again, in an effort to find things to write about everyday for NaBloPoMo, I have decided to institute 'Favorite Places Tuesday'. The premise of Favorite Places Tuesday is simple, each Tuesday, I will virtually take you to one of my favorite places. So, here it goes.

The Memorial Union Building on the Oregon State University Campus

I spend about six hours a week in this building, particularly in a large room called 'The Lounge'. In between classes I hang out here and study, eat lunch, stare out the windows, or snooze on the couches or chairs. Hanging out in The Lounge is one of the best parts of being on campus for me. When I was working full time and taking online classes I would dream about the day when I could be on campus and spend time in this room. It's old, it's worn, and it feels like a second home. In addition, the MU holds the bookstore, where I like to browse, and some pretty good restaurants.

Dedicated on June 1, 1929, the building was built for "the service and inspiration of the living and the memory of our immortal dead." The construction of the MU was funded through student and alumni donations, and was the first student union in the state.

This is the main rotunda in the MU.

Here are some views of The Lounge.My favorite spot...Me in my favorite spot...A flag from every country hangs in the foyer.
Thanks for being so cool, MU.


heather said...

It looks lovely. Way to make me all jealous and what not.

Great idea though, with the whole theme.

Chris said...

Very nice. I'm looking forward to next Tuesday.


Your bro.

Kimba said...

Ah, the MU. It IS a gorgeous building, I went on a few tours of it while working there, and it was so fun to see everything. Also, nothing beats the campus in the fall. SO gorgeous. And the bookstore ain't bad either. :) Picked up any uh, applications there?

Heather said...

I used to love finding a nice comfy out of the way couch to sleep on between classes! I miss hanging out in there. It was always great when someone would start playing the piano. I took Kaden to the bookstore last week, it was fun to walk through the halls with his little hand in mine. It hasn't been that many years, but it felt like a lifetime ago (his lifetime, I guess!)