Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm It, but not like, you know, that creepy clown from the Stephen King novel

I hath been tagged by my good friend, Leslie. Thank her, for you about to embark on a journey into the depths of my soul. Ok, not really. Whatever.

5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago:

-I believe I was a ninth grader at Millcreek Junior High School
-Obsessing over Greg Soderberg
-Taking dance classes
-Putting hot curlers in my hair EVERY morning. Holy Crap.
-Wearing a whole lotta Dr. Martins.

5 Things On My To Do List (In No Particular Order, except for Kim's shower, that's numero uno):

-Finalize the menu and decor for Kim's baby shower tomorrow
-Homework (It's never ending)
-Have a baby
-Graduate Summa Cum Laude from OSU
-Get something published sometime somewhere...and have it actually be good

5 Favorite Snacks:

-Cottage Cheese and Peaches
-Apples and Peanut Butter
-Cherry Coke...that works, right?

5 Jobs I Have Had:

-Lasagna maker at the Deli at 5th
-Ice cream server and professional singer at Cold Stone Creamery
-Orthodontic Assistant
-Dental Patient Coordinator
-Cleaner of my Grandma's house

5 Things I Would Do With A Million Dollars:

-Buy a cattle ranch
-And a horse
-And a saddle
-And a hat
-And a steak

5 Things That Made Me Laugh This Week:

-The new show, 'Worst Week'
-Cookie the Dog
-Owen the Kid
-Brian, Caleb and Mark
-Bridgette and Kim

And now I must tag 5 readers. Soooooo. I choose Jackie, Lindsay, Heather, Amy, and CHRISTOPHER ALAN. That means YOU, mister!


Tanya said...

so fun reading and finding out a few more things about you! i really do hope you and brian have a cattle ranch someday!

Criscell and Spencer said...

I want to know if the "have a baby" comment was an announcement.

heather said...

I'm pretty stoaked as well about the "have a baby" bit. You guys will be great parents, when it happens. You go and graduate with honors than have you a whole gaggle of kids to one day work that dream ranch of yours. Oh so won't the steak crom from your cattle? I'm just sayin, you could have bought something a little more extravagent than steak. Geez, can I take you out for a steak dinner next time you are home and then you can put something like go on a shopping spree on your how to spend your millions? I mean really woman.

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

Abby, you are so awesome! I am so glad that you have a blog now. I really, really, really, want you to write a book! Really, I do!

lauren said...

ok, i giggled at that a little bit because of the convos we have had about my husband. sorry about the job; i hope things get better soon! :)