Sunday, September 7, 2008

Green Room

Last weekend Brian's parents drove up from Utah to pay us a little visit. Brian and I go a little nutty when company comes. We love having people come visit us. Sometimes we feel so lonely up here in The Corner (you know...of the country) so we just love being able to spend time with friends and family. That being said, you're all invited for Thanksgiving. Yep, all of you. Just make sure to bring a casserole or jello salad or something, because if you show up empty handed, the bouncer probably won't let you past the front door. Oh, and bring your own chair, too. I only have four.

Anyway, during the in-law visit, Brian acquired a shop vac (a very MANLY shop vac), and so on Saturday morning, we all cleaned and organized the garage. During our little project, some relics from our past were unearthed. Namely, Brian's old scouting shirt. It fit like a glove. A surgical glove.

On Saturday, we went on a hike at McDowell Creek Falls. This place is a hidden gem about thirty minutes from our home. In fact, I don't even like to tell you about it because, well, you'll want to go there, too. Just take a gander, folks, and you'll see what I mean.

Whomever built this trail was clearly paying homage to The Swiss Family Robinson, and when you were a kid, you probably wished you could live in that family's tree house. Well at Mcdowell Falls, you can! Who needs Disneyland.

It is entirely possible that Cookie The Dog enjoyed her time on the hike more than we did. She would run ahead and then turn back to make sure we were coming.
Oh, and that is TOTALLY not a fake forest background that can so often be found in 80's era family photos.

Sit Cookie. Stay. Smile. Good dog, Cookie. Good dog.

A man and his dog.A man and his mom.
A man, his dog, and his dad. Look closely for the dad. Right there, on the right.
The next two photos are good examples of the theory of perspective. Items that are closer to the camera lense appear large (Brian's head). Items that are farther away appear much smaller (my head). And here, the highlight of our hike. The slug.
We grow 'em big 'round here.

More to come, dear readers. Stay tuned...


Kimba said...

Gorgeous! We've got to go when I come up next. I'll pack the...whatever baby carrier I'm going to get. :) LOVE Brian's scout shirt, I'm sensing a really great Halloween outfit.

Also? Still have my bandana. :) Wear it to work out.

heather said...

That place looks like it is heaven on earth. Have I told you that I have been putting in some plugs for any Oregon or Washington grad school. I would love to live up in the "corner" for a while. Oh and that slug, you are a better woman than me and you will definitely be blessed with lots of boys to partake in your bug adoration.

p.s. you're gorgeous, as always.

Liv said...

Nice to find you in Internet land.
Love the photos of the falls. So beautiful.
I'm going to add you to my list of blogs to check out so we can continue to catch up online.

The Kilpacks said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Wishing we could visit soon.

Bre said...

I love the pictures. You should post those on It's a website for amature photographers. I would love them for my collection also the ones with Bri and you with the "family photos" folder. But I can't click them to download them... help! I hope you are all having a great weekend. Love you!!!