Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh, hi. I was just crying.

This post is dedicated to Kim and Kjersti, who, throughout the years, have sat down and watched one or two episodes (gross underestimate) of Bill Nye the Science Guy with me. We have collected a few favorite lines, and I have searched (also through the years) to find them and watch them again. At long last, I have found them.

This one is a bit longer, but so worth it. Especially if you're Kjersti.

Pass the plankton please.


heather said...

Oh, hi. I was just wondering... really? :)

You guys are so cute.

Kjersti said...

LOVED IT!!! I can't believe you found the Plankton one. "Oh great, look at my shoes."
AND I have heard you say the "little dot in the corner of my eye" quote a MILLION times with Kim and I never knew what it was from. So in a way, this post has just helped me understand you a little bit better! :)

Kimba said...

Uh, Bill....put the knife down bill...