Friday, July 25, 2008

Tractors and Flowers

A few weeks ago, Brian had to go to California on business. When Brian goes out of town, I suddenly become a fearful, lonely little puddle of ooze that sleeps with a baseball bat and two phones at night. Brian knows that I hate it. So, to make up for his week long absence he planned a special surprise day for me.
For days before hand I quizzed him on where he could possibly be taking me. Would I need a dress? High heels? A fishing pole? Dramamine? Should I pack an overnight bag? But he wouldn't give me anything to go on. Finally, the day arrived. I woke up alone and immediately smelled something. Food. I marched downstairs to find Brian anxiously reading the back of a bag of pancake mix. As soon as he saw me he put the mix behind his back and said, "You march right back up those stairs and get back in bed." Don't argue when someone tells you to go back to bed. Ever. And don't stick around long enough for them to change their mind, either. Finally, he brought me breakfast in bed. Which was delicious. Then he told me to get casual clothes. So I did.

While I got ready, he told me he had three things planned for me that day, and I would find out when we got there.

First, he took me to a museum.

A tractor museum.

I know.

But he planned it, and it really did turn out to be cool.

This one is for my nephew, Titan.

This is the original John Deer.

And then, of course, there were words of wisdom.

Because you KNOW you demand that YOUR agricultural products be handsomely packaged, dammit.

After the tractor museum, Brian took me to two historic gardens in Salem, where I went CARAZY with the camera. Here are a few shots.

I'm a hosta freakshow. know. I couldn't help but take a picture of this GIANT hosta leaf.

I believe this is a foxglove. There was this huge bumblebee hanging out in this flower and I really wanted a picture of the bee's bum sticking out of the flower, but as you can see by the blur on the right side, he flew away. No bee bums for you.

I don't know what this is, but I'm really quite madly in love with it. I would go so far as to say that it is 'handsomely packaged'. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me.

I believe this is an escargot begonia? Anyone? Anyone?

The palm/ banana/ thing above was huge. I want it in my bedroom or some other strange place. Maybe the bathroom, so I could feel like I was going on a safari every time I had to pee or floss my teeth.

Below is a close up of a cactus. There was actually a white spider among the needles that I was trying to catch in my shot, but he snuck away. Or blended in. Sneaky little rascal.

Another fleur that I don't remember the name of. Again, please help me out if you know any of these.

And yet another...I told you I was crazy with the camera!

And then, my favorite. My Brian. Mi esposo. Contemplating the fishes.

And so went my surprise day of tractors and flowers.


The Kilpacks said...

What a fun day! How sweet of Brian to plan a lovely day. My boys would have gone nuts at the Tractor Museum (especially Will!!) The flower shots are wonderful. Everything looks beautiful.

bridge said...

I have a super-duper idea. Let's grow our own flowers, then open a flower shop and sell them. Wouldn't that be fabulous? Much better than hippie scrub, if you know what I mean.

Abby said...

Bridge, when you say it like that, I would move down there in a heartbeat. And, yeah, I know what you mean.