Sunday, June 8, 2008


Those of you who know me well know that I love cilantro. If there was a cilantro candle, I would burn it, if there was a cilantro perfume, I would wear it, and on and on. I've been overheard saying that I wish there was a cilantro drink so that I could drink it. Get the picture? In fact, I will tell you a secret...gather round, get close, because I will only say this once. Can you all hear? Right at this very moment, in my back yard, there are baby cilantro plants silently pushing their way up through the soil of my garden, in a happy little row. Oh, sure, there's dill, which is my second favorite herb, and rosemary and basil and sage, but we'll give them their own post later...

Oh, how I love cilantro.

Yet I know that somewhere out there, there are those who despise my little darlings. People like Kim and Bridgette. Which is why, my friends, I dedicate this post to you. There is a place where you cilantro haters can go. It is here that you can find other like minded individuals. Why, you can even buy a hat, shirt, button or bag that declares "I HATE CILANTRO!" But even better than that, you can write a haiku. Yes, that's correct, a haiku about hating cilantro. You know you've got some stashed up somewhere and wondered where or whom you could share them with. You thought you were crazy. You are, only now, you're not the only one. So go to the site, let your frustrations out, and leave your haiku or relate your most disgusting experience with cilantro to your peers. Oh, you can even say what you think cilantro tastes like. A couple of my favorites:

"Soapy pennies. A friend once suggested cutting out the middle man and just offering pennies in a dish of soap, and you could lick them off and place the licked pennies in a bowl like edamame."

"Doll hair."

"The inside of a freshly cut open rubber ball."
Here are some of my favorite haikus from the site:

I look close, I pray
Please let it be parsley, please
I will just eat bread

Lick fur of wet dog
only then, you too will know
True cilantro taste

Oh, you looked so good
Why did you have to deceive?
My mouth tastes like poo
Kim and Bridge, you'd better watch out, or you're getting the I Hate Cilantro ornament for Christmas.


Kimba said...

Soapy pennies?! I don't get that one. I DO know that yes, Cilantro is of the devil. There's something about that tastes that rolls around in the back of your mouth when you eat it...ugh. I'm shuddering.

The Kilpacks said...

mmmm....Cilantro how I love thee. It's one of my favorite herbs next to basil, chives, and rosemary, all of which I have growing in my garden. Rock on with the Cilantro Abby!

Chris said...

After reading Abby's posting on cilantro, I feel compelled to take a stand on the pro-cilantro side. I will never forget my first real experience with cilantro. It was the summer of 1997 in Luling, Louisiana. Shannon Weber prepared a large bowl of salsa containing lots of cilantro. I was seventeen then; I didn't know what cilantro was; at that time, I would have struggled to correctly identify any herb. After eating the salsa, I had to ask, "Why does this taste so good?" The reply: "Cilantro."

Kimba said...

It's gotta be genetic. At least it's not contagious...

Lloyd said...

Can you put Cilantro in guu-losh?

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

Jack loves Cilantro (we, too will be growing an entire section in our garden dedicated to the herb). For me, I am all about the ROSEMARY! The smell stays on your fingers and you can trim it up like a tree (which I plan on doing as soon as the upstairs is complete).

ashleygarricksmart said...

Oh, how I miss you Abby Kilpack Roberts!! And yes, cilantro is sick.

Heather said...

I'm with you on this one Abby, Cilantro is divine. We have a giant bowl of homemade salsa drowning in the stuff right this moment. Hmmm... I think I'll go get me some. Kim & Bridgette are crazy.